Carbonite Access

Those of us using Carbonite have good reason to celebrate this morning -- we can now access our backups from our Android phones. If you're new to the service, Carbonite provides secure, automatic backup of any file you've got. You can backup as much data as you want for $54.95 a year.

And now, with Carbonite Access, you can get at all of your backed-up data right from your phone. The Android app itself is lightweight at less than 1MB. It works a lot like other file backup apps in that you have a basic file structure and can access the files therein. Music? No problem. Plays right on the phone. View photos till the cows come home -- as a list or as thumbnails. It's quick, and it's easy, and it's a worthy competitor to the likes of Dropbox and others. It's also secure, and you have the option to have it automatically log out on you rphone, from 10 minutes to 12 hours to never.

And on top of all that, Carbonite's given us a pair of one-year subscriptions to give away. That's a year's worth of free backup. To enter, hit up this thread in our forums.

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Carbonite Access for AndroidCarbonite Access for Android

Carbonite Access for AndroidCarbonite Access for Android

Carbonite Access for AndroidCarbonite Access for Android

Carbonite Access for AndroidCarbonite Access for Android


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Android quick app: Carbonite Access (Plus: Win a free year's subscription!)


I don't understand why anyone would choose Carbonite over Mozy. Carbonite only backs up INTERNAL drives. Mozy has all the same features and same price...

Advertising Advertising Advertising that's why. It's on tv and radio more. Or at least I hear about it more often.

SERIOUSLY!!!! Could you leave the contests up for more than 10 seconds PLEASE!!! :)

I cannot always get to the forums each day and a lot are closed by the time I see them. Can you at least give them 2 days PLEASE????

Thanks! :)

While I am here does anyone know if we could back up our SD card to carbonite?

When I try to save stuff it only allows me to save it to internal memory. Not the SD card. Just when I think I can download Albums to my phone on the fly from my phone, i cant. I thought I could last week with winamp and yet I cant.

I have installed the Carbonite App and it works very nicely. I love it and use it frequently to get Word and Excel documents that are on my PC. It even works well for photos but I really don't do much with those. It works well for MP3 files but I think I would rather sync those via the USB.