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Here's a neat little live wallpaper we got turned onto by Mozilla's Matt Brubeck. Bubbleator is a live wallpaper that "brings the things you care about to your home screen." And, sure enough, it does just that, scrolling info from your calendar, missed calls, text messages, Facebook and Twitter.

You've got a fair amount of customizations available, from the background image to the speed at which items speed by, to the position of the stream (top, middle or bottom). You can choose which category you want to call into the stream, and how often you want them to update.

Visually, Bubbleator's nicely done. You'll need to design your home screens around the Bubbleator streams, of course, but the top-middle-bottom options help with that. Bubbleator also works on the lock screen, and best of all, it's free.

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Android Quick App: Bubbleator


This app is not compatible with any of my devices... (got an SGS2, a SGS1, an HTC Desire, and a Xoom...) wtf compatibility.. ???!

Well, I'll give you a hint. It probably isn't going to last nearly as long as it did before this live wallpaper :)

The same thing as all live wallpapers do, drain it quicker than a static wallpaper.

They also all use about 5-15MB of RAM for no other reason than to "look pretty".

(If you haven't guessed, I think live wallpapers are worthless. Haha!)

Well, since I ditched Twitter and Facebook for Google+, this ain't going to be much use to me. :)

Cool concept though.