Bedside Mode widget on homescreen

A good night's rest is something never to be discounted, and developer JoPs is here to ensure you sleep uninterrupted -- next to your phone at least -- though the night with Bedside Mode widget.  It's a simple switch widget like we've seen before and with the tap of a finger, you can essentially turn your phone into a digital clock.  This widget gives you the ability to:

  • Turn off Wifi
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Turn off radios (with filter options)
  • Choose a sound profile
  • Stop account syncing
  • Display digital clock

With those options to choose from in the configuration menu, it'll allow you to tailor your sleep to your own specifications.  Just don't forget to flick the switch again when you wake up!

Bedside Mode widget is available in the Android Market for about $1.  Download links and some more screenshots after the break.

Bedside Mode widget configuration      Bedside Mode widget profiles

Bedside Mode widget radio settings     Bedside Mode widget digital clock


Reader comments

Android Quick App: Bedside Mode Widget


You could do that, but you wouldn't get ANY calls. This lets certain ones through. There might be some people like a spouse to be able to still get through while you're sleeping.
I've been using Ring Manager Pro for this purpose. My kids might need to call me and I don't want to miss the call.

I just use an app called silent time and it does it automatically every night. I don't use mine for a clock though, I figure my digital clock that is already on my night stand works just fine as a clock....

Seven segment displays? Why does every app developer think the 60's were the pinnacle of display technology?

Maybe they can make it rattle like a teletype every time the minute changes, and lose a few minutes every day. Can they also make it lose the time and require manual setting using fast/slow buttons every time the power is unplugged? Make sure the fast button jumps a random number of minutes (up to 100 minutes) when it is released. Offer an accessory to make the phone weigh 20 pounds and be able to heat a small room?

Does anybody think 7 segment displays are attractive? They were wonderful when there was no other way of implementing a display back when an IC containing 1000 elements cost $15. Nowadays the are fugly.

Funny, i was thinking "what is this, 2009? Why does every android developer think it's proper form to disable wi-fi and a host of other services when the phone should be running them peacefully and efficiently any time of the day?"

Srsly, I have a volume control. It stops my phone from annoying me at night. End of story.

If your using a Sense based ROM this looks to be very handy. If your using CM7 like lots of us, its included under the "Profiles" setting.

@adamf663, it's called nostalgia. It's also why there is a PacMan game on the market, and why the felt the need to put on another Woodstock in 1994, and yet ANOTHER one in 1999. Don't like the way it looks, don't download it.

Nice simple app, however I already use Locale to automatically quiet down the phone at a certain time and then turn everything back on in the morning. Same idea as this app. Locale will even quiet my phone automatically based on location which is great for church. My phone will go into silent mode as soon as I hit the parking lot at church. Great feature!

Not to mention its probably easier to read when you're half asleep. I'm not a morning person so anything that simplifies my wake up... I need it.

Interesting that it is a proportional 7-segment LED font, though. See? 21st century! Not to mention the slashes, which you can't do with 7-segment LEDs. Obviously, it is an homage to a bygone day, reinterpreted in modern technology.

I already have this app, its called, leave phone on vibrate and on the floor next to my bed until my alarm goes off.

Just wanted to leave a comment to briefly bash the app as well as a few other comments that were above mine. I might need to insert all of my hate towards the color scheming and general theme of the app even though I am unable to create anything better but if I hate my life then my general bashing of everything may help people hate their lives too.

I'm also pretty sure that who ever has that hideous background on their phone just triggered me to go into seizuresasdadde

I'd rename this: Sidepiece widget. A quick push of the button and your girlfriend can't get in touch with you when you're with your sidepiece.

Been looking for something like this. Just got my first Android phone a few days ago. I'll look into all the suggestions in the comments also. Thanks.

I use a combination of Automate it! Pro + Night Clock
Automate it Pro sets up conditions to run night clock.
After 9PM + if there is a power connection (not usb) = run Night clock
deactivates itself between 8am-8:59pm so it wont go off during the day if i plug it in.

and set that kills Night Clock on power disconnect. Only activated during 5am to noon.

I also have a "sleep time" which turns my vibrate profile off and lowers all sound to minimum during the hours of 9pm to 10am

works great for me :P

This app doesn't actually work at all...AC, you all should probably test the app out before singing its praises...