If gaming on your Android device is something that you enjoy to do, and old-fashioned games catch your attention, Aeon Racer is a game you will not want to miss out on. This game has a retro feel like Asteroid but is fast-paced and is sure to keep you on your toes. While trying to fly your spaceship through the levels, which progressively contain more and more barriers, the intensity increases since your ship continues to go faster and faster.

The game offers three different galaxies, each of which contains five levels which continually get harder and harder as they go on. The game is controlled by simply tilting your device to maintain control of your space ship as you cruise through the levels. If you get through the levels and are looking for more, there is an infinite mode, which allows you to play until you are done.Aeon Racer is $2.18 in the Android Market. Hit the break for download links.


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Android Quick App: Aeon Racer


Has anyone tried turning the sound down? Someone commented in the market that you can't turn down the sound.

you can turn the sound down. But what is weird is you can only do while the game is making a sound. If you turn down w/o it doing anything you will only adjust the ringer volume.

Thanks for all your comments! Your feedback will be considered in the next update.

We're sorry that some of you have trouble finding the game on the market: the problem here is the market displays only apps that your phone is compatible with---and Aeon Racer requires at least Android 2.1 and certain hardware features.

BTW: the mentioned sale expires on monday, so make sure to get the game this weekend, if you want to :-)

Have fun playing and let us know what you think!

Thank you,
the Developers
(Modern Alchemists)

Pure garbage, I uninstalled in 30 seconds. Controls or should I say lack there of, are abysmal, sound is equivalent of nails on a chalk board, user interface is bland and the only way to exit the game is to hit the home button, there's no exit button on the main menu and the back button does nothing. The level layout is garbage, as there are speed up icons that send you straight into a wall.

The developer is absolutely out of their mind to charge even a penny for this POS of a game. Don't waste your time or money.

Google's complaining that people are buying enough apps. Here's a perfect example of why. At 2 1/2 stars, I'm not willing to pay $2.00 to find out whether I like it, and with the idiotic 15 minute refund period that's essentially what I would be doing. Fifteen minutes just isn't enough time to give it a reasonable trial. At 95 cents I'm a little more willing to take a chance, but given that there are a bunch of free games with better ratings why bother?

If I could try it out for a day, or even 8 hours, I'd download it right now, and maybe end up buying. But Google's policies are preventing me from doing that. If developers are smart, they'll start offering time-limited free trials.

Hello people!

We have released a first update:
* Enabled App2Sd (now requires Android 2.2)
* Improved performance
* Fixed bug in ship control. Should now be much smoother now!
* Fixed bug in ingame menu
* Added support for BACK key
* HOME button now suspends the game
* It is now possible to turn down media volume ingame

Work in progress (upcoming release):
* Mute button
* Background music
* Other sound FX (eg. ship spawn sound)
* More levels

@anthero: I have no clue why this isn't visible for you.
I have heard that sometimes it "takes a while" to get visible :/

Thanks and we always welcome feedback, so bring it up!