Dr. Eye is not a super villain. Actually, it’s Invantec’s new Android powered pocket-sized mini netbook. It sports a clamshell-inspired 4.8in touchscreen along with a full qwerty keyboard, and is also equipped with 3G, WIFI, and even a front facing camera. Dr. Eye (I really like saying that ) will be powered by a Marvel 624 – the same CPU found in the Dell Aero. For a device running the ancient Android 1.6, the $400 price tag may seem pretty hefty. But if it’s any consolation, Éclair will be making an appearance in the near future. An official release date has not been announced quite yet, but according to the video, it should be right around the corner. Be sure to check it out after the break. [via Engadget]


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Android powered Dr. Eye makes its debut


...form-factor is interesting, keyboard layout sucks, specs are unimpressive, runs like crap in video, rep seems uninformed and at times confused about hardware...


No no, you have it all wrong, this is one of those AWESOME Android 1.6 legacy type devices that were discussed recently.