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Ok -- I'll admit it, I am a huge sucker for changing wallpapers on any device I own, and I am an even bigger sucker for an extremely well designed wallpaper application. I have been known to spend hours searching for a new wallpaper to match my home screen configuration, and I tend to get bored looking at the average wallpaper applications. Meet PrettyPix HD, my new favorite wallpaper application.

Sure, you may be thinking that it is just another wallpaper application, but that's where you are wrong, this one does it with some serious style. From the first launch you will notice the layout is very clean, nice spacing between each wallpaper, and a very simple interface. Depending on your preference you can scroll through the pages, or sort by category, and once you find one you like and you click on it the image shows in the center of the screen, showing you the full image, and up top you have thumbnails of the wallpaper before and after it in the series.

The application, like most of the others, offers you the ability to save the wallpapers to your device, as well as share them with friends and family, as well as crop the wallpapers if you only want to use a particular section of it. With over 50,000 HD wallpapers, and a price tag of free, what is stopping you from hitting the break with us and checking out the download links?

PrettyPix HD

PrettyPix HD

PrettyPix HD


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Android Mini App Review: PrettyPix HD


It doesn't seem to do the span across multiple homescreens (where it pans across the image as you do) for me.... which is too bad as they all seem to be landscape images (i.e., perhaps intended for tablets)...

I'm using an Infuse. I guess this is just an infuse (or touchwiz) fail...

I further found out if I hold the phone in Landscape mode... then it does show the wider selection area for wallpaper, and when set, it does pan across the image.

Unfortunately when I do this, and pan, widgets at the very top of the screen and the very bottom of the screen do not clear as I drag from one homescreen to the next, resulting in screen corruption. Sadly I guess I'll have to forgo this. I'm back to using JustPictures which is tied to my flickr account..

App: MultiPicture Live Wallpaper is a must for tablet owners. Scales pictures perfectly -- no templates or tricks needed. The picture you select for a WP is the picture you get - not some zoomed in / half-blocked monstrosity. It can do transition animations between screen but I don't use that option.

Favorite feature: different wallpapers for each screen. Wicked!