Radio Disney

If you've got kids who love Disney music -- or, heck, if you do, too -- check out the Radio Disney app. It's a simple (and free) streaming service full of songs and and interviews via radio stations nationwide. You can mark stations as favorites, see what's been recently played, and send shout-outs through the app. It'll run in the background as well, so you can go about doing non-Disney things while you listen.

We've got download links after the break.

Thanks, Kyle, for the suggestion! See more Android kids apps here


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Android Kids App: Radio Disney


Love the RAZR in the Picture. Like WTF! Its not even out yet, and you are using it as eye candy in a radio Disney app post. That is just wrong.

Excellent App!
Also try this app for kids that I recently tried. My daughter loves it!
Its called QuickPaint

It features Animal, fruits, vegetable, object drawings with voice
over to learn the names of objects and colors. It is also highly user
friendly. I recommend it.