Just as we predicted (more or less), Android's going to be getting its own "official" Twitter client. Head Tweeter Evan Williams said as much today at the annual Chip Twitter conference (yes, there is such a thing). And by "official" we mean either something of Twitter's own design, or a third-party Twitter client purchased buy the head Tweeters themselves, just like Tweetie on the iPhone. (We're betting on the latter.) As to which (if any) client might get swallowed by the big bird? Your guess is as good as ours. [via Tech Crunch]


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Android getting 'official' Twitter app, too


They should buy Twidroid, Touiteur & Seesmic and atom-smash them into the perfect client. However, they will likely buy some lame-o existing app and then half-ass their approach, making us wait until version 3.0 until it equals something already on the market. Uh-huh.

Hmmmm.... Tweetdeck has been announced as coming to this news!!! Could it be...."Tweetdeck, the OFFICIAL Twitter client for Android"?? I hope so.

Not surprising. Well, maybe that it took this long is. Blasterous is on Android (and of course iphone - boo hiss) - albeit its only a version 1.

I believe they'll do a port to android of Tweetie. They probably can get an Android dev from one of the current apps and for them to work with the creator of Tweetie.

i perfectly happy with Touiteur and the way it has been progressing. As long as I can keep using it, I don't really care what Twitter does.

most "official" Android apps suck anyways, since this isn't really anything to get excited about... Twidroid is big and bloated... Touiteur works great, but buggy, especially with custom ROMs... there's really no great solution... Android just sucks

Cool news.

I use Touiteur, not a fan of Twidroid at all, nonetheless whatever Twitter chooses won't really make much of an impact since there's always going to be choices.