The growth of Android has been remarkable; a few weeks ago, we reported on Android's staggering Q2 numbers year-on-year.

Now, a report from DigiTimes suggests that the total number of Android shipments worldwide will surpass 55 million, which would be a 561% growth from last year.

Android's share of the worldwide smartphone market has risen from less than 5% in 2009 to 13.8% in the first half of 2010 and is projected to reach 24.5% in the second half to become the second most popular smartphone platform, according to Lin.

DigiTimes also provided some interesting statistics on worldwide smartphone growth. The total number of Android devices shipped this year is predicted to top 280 million, which is a 57% growth rate from 2009.

Smartphones are only going to become more prevalent and continue their rapid growth rate. Android should see that growth continue too as manufacturers devote more resources to the OS. [DigiTimes


Reader comments

Android devices to surge past 55 million, Digitimes says


It would grow faster if it was marketed properly. Most people dont even know their smartphone is an android or what android even is.

They dont understand that its basically the core operating system like windows is to computers and that iPhone vs android is like windows vs Macs

Well really more like Linux vs Mac, but the regular public nine geeks never heard of Linux

I disagree that most people don't know that their smart phone is Android. If you are savvy enough to us a smart phone you generally know something about it.

I don't know a single smartphone user with an Android phone that doesn't know that their phone is Android.

The clueless are all standing in line at Apple saying they want the one with the big GBs.

And when you shop for something that costs about the same on contract as an iPhone you generally have a reason and some knowledge to choose Android.

Thats funny..."I want the one with the big GB's" oh and BTW I'll take the grape flavored Cool Aid to go with it....LOL

Android is a great OS and is only going to get better with time, and I am hoping this 2.2 Incredible update actually starts rolling out today...I was told they sent out about 200K of them a day when it does start.

Too bad the majority of the 55 million can't update to the latest OS version and see how nice Android can be. My stupid HTC Hero is stuck on 2.1 and I want to throw the thing every time I use it! Even a 2 year old iphone is still supported :(

If you call "supported" the experience most pre iPhone 4 users have reported since upgrading to iOS 4 then you are better off with your Hero. At least you aren't being given something your phone can't handle. Some of them are trying to find any way they can do downgrade.

I agree. There are about 55 million iPhone 3G users who still SHOULD NOT upgrade to iOS4, or who, having done so, are searching for ways to get back to version 3.

There is nothing wrong with 2.1, and the changes i Foryo are mostly speed.