Google Currents

Google Currents so far has survived the Google Play rebranding. (Play Currents?) So now's as good a time as any to check in and see how it's doing. And at the time of this writing, Android Central has an astounding 198,000 subscribers.

Floored. Simply floored.

If you haven't checked out our Google Currents edition yet, it's the same Android Central you've come to know and love, neatly packaged into more of a magazine format. Check out our full walkthrough, and be sure to subscribe to Android Central on Google Currents!


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Android Central on Google Currents: 198,000 subscribers ... and still growing!


198,000 subscribers. How many are actually actively using it?

I did an initial kicking of the tires, subscribed, found it lacked complete Google Reader synchronization, and gave it up.

So, maybe 197,999?

The trends take twice as long as my 26 subscriptions. Takes me about 3 mins to update everything on wifi.

Love Google Currents. Very rarely I have some subscriptions that don't open, but all in all the photo layout and readability is great.

Hate, hate, hate Google Currents.

It is slow on almost every device, and offers absolutely *nothing* that I can't get out of Pulse Reader.

Wish it updated a lot faster. Ditched it and when back to Pulse after initially trying it.

To anyone who's still using it: Is it still slow as molasses in updating?

there was an update about a week after the initial release to increase the speed up updates.
I like it, but it could use some more syncing options.
I check droid life and androidcentral a handful of times a day so i wish i could manually update those 2 feeds or at least set them to update more than once every 6 hours.
other than that, i love currents and use it daily, but i may have to give pulse a try again...its been a LONG time.

I use Currents every morning during breakfast. But then too it's usually around 4am and all the articles are already sync'd, current, and ready to read. I love reading articles with Currents much more than any other readers.. if it's sync'd.

During the day though, when articles are constantly being added and updated, I use Pulse. Pulse is not as nice as Currents when it comes to reading articles (not to say it's bad by any means), but it's MUCH better at quickly grabbing current articles.

I use it on my tablet a little bit but uninstalled from my phone due to the syncing being so slow. Hopefully Google can build this into something really nice.

Too bad they didn't make it available internationally. I just got it from XDA. But average Android users miss out.

I used to use this...but found Pulse, and Pulse is WAY better....WAY!!! Use that app two three times a day reading most of the articles.

I used to use it on my xoom but found it took way too long to update on wifi so wasn't convenient to use. I like to use similar apps on my Gnex but with the sync times I never installed it there.
Google+ seems much better fit as all my tech sites update on there and if I need more info I can click the link and read full article.