Let's get together and talk some Android

It's that time of year where the Android nerds (geeks, enthusiasts, etc.) head down the Dallas, Texas to talk about our favorite mobile operating system and all things associated. Yes, the Big Android BBQ 2013 is under way today, and Android Central is here! Well, I'm here, not all of AC, but if you're attending the BBQ this year be sure to come say "hi" if you see me walking around.

I'll be attending as many different talks as I can, and hopefully running into a few AC readers while I'm at it. I'll be joining friend of the site Russell Holly on stage to give a talk about reviewing devices as well (11:30 - 12:30 CT, Room 4) if you want to stop by and join in the conversation.

It's going to be a fun couple of days, so let's get to it!


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Android Central at Big Android BBQ 2013!


Having the BAB in Dallas the same weekend as Texas - OU and parents weekend at North Texas. Wow the Dallas / Fort Worth area is going to be crazy packed this next few days.

I don't know this article had lots of words but all I can surmise is

"Hi I'm Andrew M. I'll be tasting some delicious BBQ, socializing with Android enthusiasts and your won't."

.... I'm not bitter

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It would be great if they rotated this event.It just is way two far for me. Please give feedback to the event coordinator. Idea for a contest next year and winnier gets to travel there and hang out with.