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Weeds is one of the most popular shows on TV today. The Showtime series that centers around a widowed mother who sells pot to provide for her sons now has an official Android app. With the app, fans of the show can enjoy a good experience on their mobile device.

When you first open the app, you’ll see four main tabs at the top as well as a scrolling home screen that displays the latest features. For example, you’ll see a picture of Mary-Louise Parker that contains an Animated Recap of the last episode. This is all under the Home tab.

The next tab, The Show, provides extensive information about all aspects of the series. You can read the premise for the current season, sift through an episode guide, see when the show will air on Showtime and view the main cast list with full biographical information.

The third tab, Videos, contains a full episode that users can view for free as well as various video clips to browse through such as interviews and short snippets from the season.

The final tab is the Photobooth option which offers the most user interaction. It allows consumers to insert a photo of their choosing into a Weeds-themed background which can then be shared with friends. Themes include: Mugshot, Case File, Passport, Baked, Jail, Subway, Photocopy and Airplane.

This app is perfect for the ultimate Weeds fan. If you haven’t gotten into the dark comedy yet, now is the time to start. The app is free from the Android Market and links to it can be found after the break along with more screenshots from the app.

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Reader comments

Android App Review: Weeds on Showtime


OH NO!!! What has become of society??? The HORROR!!

Weeds is a fictional TV show on a premium cable channel that airs @ night when young kids shouldn't be up anyway. Get over it. Go back to watching the Disney channel if you can't deal with it.

Weeds is an awesome show! A friend of mind recommended the showback in It's first season and I've been hooked ever since. I think they're about to start their 7th season now. Can't wait.

Stop waiting or you're going to miss it. Season 7 actually started back in June & is now more than half over.

"The Showtime series that centers around a widowed mother who sells pot to provide for her sons"

Maybe in the first few seasons but it has jumped several sharks since then. Now it is a rambling show with lots of Apple product placement.

What? You mean to tell me that you've got Mary-Louise Parker to look at on the show & you are instead paying attention to what technology brands the Botwin's use?

What the heck is wrong with you??

I just downloaded this on my Evo 3D and every time I try to open the program it crashes on load. I even uninstalled it and tried re-installing it but with the same result. has anyone else experienced this?