Wave Launcher With Widgets

If you're a long-time reader of Android Central, you might remember when Phil reviewed Wave Launcher back in March.  Recently, the developer updated the application to version 1.8 which added a lot of new functionality, enough that we wanted to revisit the application as well as introduce it to potentially new users.

Wave Launcher is an application that works in addition to your existing launcher (be that stock, ADW, LauncherPro, or something else).  You activate it by performing a gesture near the edge of your screen, and a "wave" pops up, which gives you access to a customizable application list. You can put apps, shortcuts, or folders on this list and they all became just a swipe away.  While the launcher is limited to 12 icons, you can put up to 10 apps or shortcuts into each folder, potentially allowing up to 120 total shortcuts.  Last week, the developers pushed out 1.8, which gave users the ability to add widgets to their wave, turning Wave Launcher into a potentially powerful productivity tool, especially when it comes to music.

Using a music widget before this didn't make sense to me because I had to back out of whatever I was doing just to skip/pause a track on Spotify.  Now, I just swipe on the side of my screen, select the Spotify widget, and hit pause.  After I'm done with the widget, there is an "X" icon in the upper window you hit, and you can go back to whatever you were working on without ever leaving that application.  It might only save me a second or two, but I think it's a more natural, logical way to handle music playback. 

1.8 also feels a lot faster running on my Droid Incredible than previous versions did.  The new widget options combined with the faster interface make Wave Launcher a great addition to my phone, and something you should check out if you're into optimizing your homescreen.  After the break you'll find the 1.8 video put out by the developer, a few more screenshots of the app in action, and a market link.  Wave Launcher is currently $1.99 in the Android market. 

Deus Ex Android Wave Launcher In-App Widgets I swear, I'm busy next week   Make sure to calibrate the launcher



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Android App Review Update: Wave Launcher


FANTASTIC addition with the widgets... I used to have it loaded but I stopped using it after a while... Its a really useful app though. Especially with widgets now.

I got Wave Launcher from the Amazon Appstore back when it was the daily Free App. They still don't have the 1.8 update available there.

That wasn't a complaint, just stating for everyone else who may have gotten it from Amazon that the update isn't available there yet.

And not that it matters but, I believe it was the Free App before Amazon changed its policy to the developers & they would have still gotten a certain percentage of their asking price from each "purchase" even though everyone who downloaded it did for free.

I know the delay in updates is on Amazon's end, but I do still expect the developers who did profit from their app being the Free App to continue to support their software.

That's totally amazon. I talked to the dev (and I've heard from other devs) that it can take weeks for an update to push through on the amazon app store.

Love Wave Launcher! Got it from Amazon as a free app of the day. Sadly, Amazon has not pushed the update to 1.8 yet. Why are they always so far behind on updates?

I ran this thing for a long time till I needed the room on my memory challenged Nexus One. The longer I had it, the less I used it. Its cute, but not particularly efficient, and I reverted to desktop Icons for high priority apps and folders for the less frequently used.
This thing was just not worth the memory penalty.

have you ever tried QuickDesk? how does this compare to that? The wave concept seems cool, but I think QuickDesk covers most of these features already and I haven't noticed any problems with my ram after using qd. Plus QD does app switching very easily

Jason, this isn't about the app, sorry. What's the date/time widget you're using. That looks really cool!

Absolutely love Wave Laucnher and use it all the time. I love being able to switch to my most used apps with a simple gesture. It's great to have the camera, direct dial or navigation handy if you need it quickly and your in another app.

I would say that I probably us just as much if not more than the notification bar.

I just wrote a new post explaining the different parts (not wave launcher) of my setup, if people are curious. It's here: https://plus.google.com/100316335837675973507/posts/X4wNadoJGuT
I answered that on my plus page (didn't feel appropriate putting in review) It's ADW EX with a combination of two custom skins. https://plus.google.com/100316335837675973507/posts/X4wNadoJGuT

I doubt HP would file a lawsuit against a dev for this. It is very simalar to the stock function in webOS tho. HP still holds the patent for all things WebOS. But HP didn't bring a lawsuit against RIM when they ripped the card interface.

How did you make your bottom menu icons look like that? ( phone , gtalk, etc )is that stock on your phone or app?

I bought this when it first came out..used it for awhile and uninstalled it...more of a pain than its worth

It's had a ton of updates since then, which is why we covered it again. :) The widget update alone makes it 10x more useful for me. You can also calibrate the sensitivity, so you can pick where it activates from.

Same here but that was a while back... When I read a review that said they now had widgets, I immediately downloaded and have found it to be one of the most useful apps on my phone now.

You are also missing another great feature of Wave Launcher. Don't know if it was mentioned in the March review but they have plug ins now as well. I use Contapps for my contacts application and there is a plugin with Wave Launcher. It adds a bit more functionality. I love Wave Launcher and have been using it for a loooonnng time!