MattedBlues Theme for CM7

One of the best parts about CyanogenMod 7 is the powerful theme engine. No flashing zip files or anything is such a relief, plus, the theming and skinning community has delivered a multitude of awesome themes to try out. One of those is MattedBlues, which is made by the same fellow who created the MellowYellow Theme for CM7.

MattedBlues was the original theme created by this person (group? The developer name is Team MattedBlues), but just because it's older doesn't mean it's still not great. A lot of the features we saw in the MellowYellow theme are present, just in a cool blue instead.

Per the usual with these kinds of themes, once you've selected MattedBlues from the Theme Engine, all your icons, check marks, highlights, and even the bounce color when a list hits the top or bottom turns blue. There's also a different 3G icon, but the other icons are par the course, just in this particular shade of blue.

The notification pulldown menu is the same as it is in MellowYellow (I assume MellowYellow actually borrowed it from MattedBlues), with the same, happy little Android head at the bottom, except he's blue. Pretty stock, except on this theme, it says "MattedBlues" inside of his head. I don't know why, but I feel like it could do without that.

The phone dialer is similarly transparent, with a better looking font replacing the stock font. If only the Theme Engine itself supported changing the fonts the entire phone over, I think this theme would truly kick it up a notch.

For those who aren't a fan of yellow but still want to theme their CM7'd phones, MattedBlues is another great entry by a great theme developer. I'm still pushing for an orange theme myself, but for those who find blue as their color of choice, MattedBlues is for you.

MattedBlues for CM7 is $2.99 in the Android Market.

We've got more screenshots and download links after the break.

MattedBlues Theme for CM7MattedBlues Theme for CM7MattedBlues Theme for CM7MattedBlues Theme for CM7MattedBlues Theme for CM7MattedBlues Theme for CM7MattedBlues Theme for CM7MattedBlues Theme for CM7MattedBlues Theme for CM7MattedBlues Theme for CM7MattedBlues Theme for CM7

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El Jefe says:

Before anyone asks (again) it's called Kinetic Clock.

Market link:

jc78 says:

I've seen those icons in your recent reviews, are they downloadable anywhere?

stoneworrior says:

Just curious why you have drocap2 when CM7 takes screen shots natively?

shhon75 says:

How can you take screen shots with CM7?

Joshua Munoz says:

The notification pulldown bar automatically pulls itself up when you long-press the power button. For that, I used Drocap.

stoneworrior says:

Hold down the power button its in the menu

shhon75 says:

I held down my power button (nexus one). All I see is airplane mode, choose profile, silent mode, reboot and power off. I'm running Android 2.3.4 CM7.1 rc1-N1

shhon75 says:

never mind. I did some research and found out screenshots in CM7 is nightly option. Thanks

stoneworrior says:

Mmmm I am have 2.3.5 RC1 EVO 3D. I guess team win is showing us some xtra love :-)

shhon75 says:


Just went to load this to try it but with the new market a warning popped up saying my device is not compatible with this? damn thunderbolt ...