Circuitry Live Wallpaper

I'm not usually a big fan of live wallpapers, and it takes a pretty good one to make me want to use it.  It has to be subtle so I can still see the icons, shortcuts and widgets on my homescreen at a glance, easy on the battery, and not make my phone slow down.  Circuitry Live Wallpaper fits that bill.  I've got it in blue above for a better picture, but you have a choice of six different color schemes (including light grey on dark grey, greyscale FTW), and each is rendered pixel by pixel to be crisp on your screen and the whole thing has been optimized in a way that keeps my phone feeling snappy and lag-free.  The jury is still out on battery life, as I've only been using it for a day, but so far so good.  Add in the geek factor of circuitry coming to life on my homescreen, and I think I'll use this one for a while.  Circuitry Live Wallpaper is 99 cents in the Market, and your phone will need to be running Android 2.1 (and have Live Wallpapers enabled) to use it.  Hit the break for a video, download link and some screen shots.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Circuitry Live Wallpaper  

Circuitry Live Wallpaper Circuitry Live Wallpaper Circuitry Live Wallpaper Circuitry Live Wallpaper Circuitry Live Wallpaper Circuitry Live Wallpaper



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Android App Review: Circuitry Live Wallpaper


Jerry please let these people in on a little secret.

GNex is a developer phone. It was not designed as a mass market device. We made it a mass market device by wanting the purest Google Experience possible.

If the GNex doesn't live up to what you expect from a super phone, wait for the next Sense, Blur, or TouchWiz device with ICS 4.0...

NEXUS devices are first and foremost, DEVELOPER PHONES.

All live wallpapers except the one that's pre-enabled cause lag on the GNex. Hopefully there's a fix in the works.

Brilliant, now only if we could get the UI colors to change with it... hmmm time to play with adb. (ICS on DROID X)

I own every Nexus phone, have both the T-Mobile and AT&T models of the Nexus One. Saying that it pains me to say how dissapointed I was in the recent Nexus. I bought the Verizon Nexus at full price, I sent it back after 5 days. It took one year for Google and Samsung to put together that package????? The hardware just sucks, I know all about all the pluses with owning the Google phone but I am buying the new Razr with extended battery and maybe when the next Google phone is made they can do much better then that. The Samsung GS2 IMO is a much better phone. How and why do you skimp on the Google phone, doesn't make sense to me.

Actually, the current Nexus is top quality hardware, save the antenna (which I don't have any issues getting signal). Different strokes for different folks.

Your comment is like the difference between someone who purchases a pre-made PC at Wal-Mart or Best Buy straight from the OEMs like Dell and Acer and the like, and people who build their own machines. People who build their own machines don't want these companies telling them what they should and shouldn't have on their PC, and people who buy OEM PCs don't really care that they have tons of bloatware on it with proprietary hardware that doesn't mesh with anything else (I'm looking at you, Dell).

Likewise, people who buy the Nexus line don't like manufacturers like HTC, Motorola, and LG telling them what they can and cannot have on their devices, Motorola in particular. These are the folks that unlock their bootloaders, root the device, and tweak it to whatever they are looking for in their purchase. People like you, the folks who just buy a pretty face, don't care about the bloatware on the phone, the locked bootloader, and whatever else the company desires to force on you.

I'm not saying either is right or wrong, I'm saying that different people value different devices. That's why we have a market. There's no need to put down the Nexus because it isn't what you wanted in the device (everything done for you and OEMs handling updates). Nexus owners are on the bleeding edge, and they deal with issues such as custom ROM issues. Clearly, this scene is not for you.

tl;dr - You bought the wrong phone. Please return it so someone else who wants to root and ROM has a chance. I hope you enjoy your locked bootloader and empty ICS promises.

You can't deny that given the specs of the Samsung Galaxy S2, and the Galaxy Nexus, it does look like Samsung didn't make the best phone they could. The Nexus lacks the higher quality camera, sd slot, and gorilla glass to name a few features that the Galaxy S2 has, while being announced a whole 8 months after the S2.

And it's this type of comment from people like you that have insured Nexus phones are at best marginal & nobody knows about them. Guess you didn't read those new years resolutions very well did you.

The nexus is just ok, not superior to other phones. Old processor, average camera and pentile display is disgusting. OEM's put skins on phones because native android is not appealing to the average consumer. I don't know a single person that even knows what a custom rom is, nor do they care. I think your comment is just defending the device that you own, and nexus owners are not on the "bleeding edge" with a broken radio that will never be fixed via software updates (all samsung phones have a bad radio). Anyway sir you can have fun with sammy's poor build quality/radio/camera/no expandable storage, While us with an htc/moto etc. will be productive in the world while being connected.

Nice find Jerry.

I can always count on you guys to bring the best live wallpapers to the fore as I'm not big on live wallpapers either. It's not something I exactly go out and search for in the market...

Looks great on my phone, Probably needs some tweaking for tablets, the backgrounds images are messed up on both my touch pad and transformer

Looks great on my Galaxy S II i777. I chose to refund it however, as I just don't spend enough time looking at my home screens to notice it. I did get a couple of friends to buy it though, and they love it.

EDIT: also wanted to say that as someone coming from Apple's ecosystem, the refund policy is amazingly convenient. I know it used to be better (24 hours, was it?), but even 15 minutes is great when the alternative is having to email Apple and HOPE you get noticed.