U.S. Cellular has maintained a fair amount of transparency when it comes to their statements made about when exactly customers can expect upgrades for their devices not already running on Froyo. That said, if you are a Samsung Mesmerize user on U.S Cellular you can now head on over to their Android downloads page and get started on your update. [Facebook via U.S Cellular] Thanks, everyone that sent this in!


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Android 2.2 Froyo for the Samsung Mesmerize now available from U.S. Cellular


I'm running the leaked 2.2, my wife isn't. Im going to upgrade hers to the official and see if I see a difference.

I'm just going to say, TO HELL WITH SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have been patient, and i have been a loyal customer to Samsung, but as a Samsung Fascinate owner, this is BULL!!!! every other damned phone is getting froyo, and we(I believe i speak for most other fascinate owners as well) are being left out in the cold to DIE!!!! i heard a couple rumors about froyo, forever ago, and then nothing. they have moved in to the next generation of phones and forgotten us!!!!

This is absolutely ridiculous!
The mezmerize is a rebranded version of the Fascinate from a smaller carrier! There are next to NO physical changes!I am having a very hard time believing that Verizon can't get the 2.2 update out to us!

The difference is that the Fascinate has Bing instead of Google for maps and search, by default and it cannot be removed without some minor tweaking. Between Samsung dragging their feet and the carriers adding their bloatware, this was the recipe for a perfect storm.

I gave up on froyo for the fascinate bought a thunderbolt, sold the fascinate and never looked back....I will never get another Samsung device. Besides I get better battery life on my tbolt than my fascinate ever did and think its too funny that people are complaining about the tbolt's battery, if they only had a fascinate they would really know how great the tbolt battery life really is.....anyway still an insult the fascinate hasn't gotten froyo.

I am thinking that this must mean more that the fascinate should be getting closer. I am looking forward to that. Stay positiveand all that jazz. I did thewhole leak thing and went back. I do want flash and stuff, but I can be patient-er!

I am thinking that this must mean more that the fascinate should be getting closer. I am looking forward to that. Stay positiveand all that jazz. I did thewhole leak thing and went back. I do want flash and stuff, but I can be patient-er!

I honestly think the fascinate didn't sell quite as well as we think so verizon didn't bother with updates. Who would care about the red-hair step child...!?!! So happy with my Bolt.

Done the whole root-flash-leaked roms/tweaks thingy... I'll say without any hesitation this is one area where Apple (yes the dreaded A word) gets it right. By using iTunes to distribute new builds of their software and not letting the carriers put bloat on the phone this isn't an issue for the iPhone user. As I've stated before, we shouldn't have to root the phone to get functionality Google built into the software and the phone should have shipped with. But we did ultimately buy it didn't we? All that said congrats to those of you on US Cellular with a Mesmerize. Enjoy Froyo!

Don't blame Samsung since every other Galaxy S phones have Froyo. You should just root and run a superclean rom. Its the stupid carrier bloat that is preventing the update. When I first joined AndroidCentral, the Droid X community out numbered the Fascinate community by 10:1. Now that all these leaked froyo roms are coming out and with Moto's still locked bootloader, the Fascinate forums is almost even in numbers with the Droid X. Also the Hacks and Rom section on the Fascinate outnumbers the Droid X.

There are many former Droid X owners switching to the Fascinate and when both are rooted and rom'ed the Fascinate owns. The hardware on the Galaxy S was so far ahead of the pack when it debuted that it can still keep up with the best of them ( thats once you removed the bloatware and get rid of touchwiz ). You are doing you and your phone a disservice by not rooting.

also as long as samsung keeps their bootloader unlocked, I'll keep on buying from them. The hardware can never be changed, but the software can. I will buy the best hardware out ( I bought the Fascinate over the droid X for this reason even knowing that I might not get the updated ) Also by running froyo with superclean 2.9.1 my gps locks instantly and the thing flys.

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I upgraded my USCC Mesmerize to 2.2 today, and now the volume up/down on the left side doesn't work and crashes the phone after a few seconds. The phone eventually reboots itself. Otherwise, no apparent changes other than a slightly darker UI, though I haven't gotten into the bluetooth stuff yet.

I'm having issues with my volume too. The phone's not crashing, but I can't set my ringer to silent. It'll only go to vibrate.

I honestly think verizon isn't pushing the froyo update out because with froyo, you can use google instead of bing. They have a vested interest in keeping us stuck using bing, so why would they make it easier?

Of course, I hope they get it together anyway, because after they release the official froyo update, my little continuum can be considered.

Just downloaded software update last night. LOVE the new updates! :)They did a really good job and no issues so far!

Ok got the froyo upgrade, useless if you play facebook games. I don't recommend installing it unless you just wannabe brag to your friends that you have 2.2 instead of 2.1. Unless somebody can tell me why these games don't load correctly, freeze the page and redirects me. Than I consider it a waste of time. It has adobe flash 10.3