Samsung Moment

We pretty much spilled all the beans yesterday, but the Samsung Moment's Android 2.1 update is officially official today, right now, as in currently, and you can go get it here and be rid of that old OS you see above. And when you're done with that, head into the forums to get all the ins and outs on your renewed device. Thanks to everyone who sent this in.


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Android 2.1 update is officially live for the Sprint Samsung Moment


Took 'em long enough. Especially seeing that this is stock Android and 2.2 is literally days away.

Shouldn't have taken this long. Makes me worried about EVO updates.

I don't think update 2.2 is days away. I think the announcement is but I don't think the update will go live for a while. (this assumption is based on previous events) if you recall last year at google I/O, 2.0 was annou coed and didn't come until the motorola droid in November

I'm glad it's here, installed it last night and it keeps shutting off my cell radio. But the hype was way more than what was delivered, so it seems mostly a GUI tweak (as in not much) more than anything significant.

I'm pretty much happy that it's finally here!

sooo happy to have a real android market, the android 1.5 market was a total joke.

Also I'm digging the new unlock and muting feature that I admired on my friends Moto Droid.

took ya long enough sprint/samsung!!

Im just glad Sprint finally has this rolled out

Its not perfect but its better than constantly pushing it back, searching for "perfection"

I installed 2.1 and am satisfied with it. I never felt like I set my hopes too hight for 2.1. I knew it would be better, but I also thought 1.5 was fine. Android is a great OS!

My main issue, which I don't see anyone else having, is only being able to download Google produced apps from Android Market. I'm not sure what to do, as I can't figure out how to get my old apps back.

Any ideas?

What does this mean for the update for the HTC Hero are they still "working on it?" I'm tired of waiting for them to figure it out.

I just flashed my phone up to the official 2.1 upgrade just an hour ago. Wow. This is awesome! The phone feels faster, a lot more responsive, & the graphics look sharper on the icons. Now my Moment is fully on par with an iPhone 3GS.

Having full access to the Android Market instead of the lackluster 1.5 store is absolutely worth the wait. NY Times, Skyfire, Google Goggles, & all the other features are sweet. Absolutely worth the wait.

Hero owners, the reason why you guys are delayed is because HTC has made changes to the Sense UI. Sprint has received those changes but has to finalize the testing to make sure everything is smooth. I'm sure the Hero will be upgraded, before the Evo comes out & more than likey before the end of May.

Well Sprint surprised me! 5/14/10 is early 2q. I don't think Hero owners will make the timeline, which is very unfortunate. But I think that's all on HTC. Great job, Google!

I have not yet tested the camera features yet because I had to work overnight. I backed up all of my contacts via the sync features built into Android 1.5 tied to my Gmail account before I flashed the phone. Once I had flashed over to 2.1, I logged the phone into my Gmail account & resynced everything. Emails, contacts, everything. Worked flawlessly. I have not had to reset the phone for any issues. However, I did follow Sprint's instructions to the letter. I temporarily disabled my Windows 7 Firewall during the upgrade & I disabled my anti-virus, Microsoft Security Essentials. Once it was done & the phone was working, I restored both the firewall & antivirus. The phone is working flawlessly with voice, text, & data.

So much for Sprint taking their time to get it right. One hour in to upgrade it has lost connection to data, voice, texting, the whole thing. The only remedy is to restart the phone. This seems to happen when web browsing or on the market. Totally NOT acceptable. Other than it not working 3 times in an hour, its great!

So much for Sprint taking their time to get it right. One hour in to upgrade it has lost connection to data, voice, texting, the whole thing. The only remedy is to restart the phone. This seems to happen when web browsing or on the market. Totally NOT acceptable. Other than it not working 3 times in an hour, its great!

This update is very very cool. Like the phone much better so far. Now I just hope that my bluetooth auto reconnects to my Microsoft Sync in my turck everytime and that I get better signal at work.

I installed the 2.1 update, and now my Moment runs more slowly, with more lag. The little Sync symbol remains on the top bar, even after I turned off all syncing, and opening the notification bar can take 10-15 seconds, with a frame rate below 1fp2-3s. It takes forever to notice and respond to rotating to landscape mode, and the keyboard is now unusable, it's so slow. I tried commenting to this board through the Browser, which wasn't a problem before, and it kept moving my focus off the text box and literally putting some of the letters in a different order than I typed them.

This is a joke. I waited almost 6 months for THIS? My phone is practically broken. Thanks, Sprint, you morons.


Okay, I guess *I'm* the moron... MyBackup has a quirk where it stores friend's Google Calendar entries as yours, and in restoring after the 2.1 install, my Calendar got stuck in a sort of permanent sync attempt cycle, where it slowed everything down. Once I cleaned up the calendar via a browser and on the phone, the sync symbol left the notification bar, and all the lagging I mentioned above is gone.

Be forewarned -- MyBackupPro does not play well with Google calendars -- let the phone's syncing handle backing that up!

I have a Moment and I will update later today. However I was just wondering if multitouch was just turned off in the core applications or if the phone doesn't support it completely. For example, does Dolphin Browser have pinch to zoom now. Next question, did it get the Google Navigation. I was really looking forward to that. Thanks!

Someone please help, ive installed the drivers and everything but now im doing the step by step instructions and my phone wont detect that its connected to a pc, well the computer will, but it doesnt say it is on the installation, its stuck on the "downloading..." screen, please help ? :/

Me too. I'm using XP and followed all the directions on the Samsung site. Is there a step I'm missing? Is there some kind of Samsung Moment sync software I should be using?

Installed the update and the phone is just that much sweeter. Like the new apps I can get (Goggles, NY times). Voice to text is nice. Not sure if this was there before and I didn't notice but it has a nice zoom feature on the camera.

Looks like it added where you can send contacts by bluetooth to other devices and import/export your contacts to the sd card. You could do these things by apps before but don't remember that being a feature built in to my Moment.

Don't really need 2.2 at this point and live wall papers was gimmicky so I don't miss that either.

Yeah got updated yesterday and I am very happy with it so far. My only question is for my contacts it doesn't have the option of contact rinrtone that I can find.