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If you've been waiting for what seems like forever for an update to be released for the Samsung Moment, your time has come. We've already shown you Android 2.1 on the Moment (our poor example above is still waiting, as you can see), and now a leaked ROM is available. Looks like it's going to take a little work to get it on there, but if you've been waiting this long ... [SDX-Developers via Android Police] Thanks, Artem!

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avacomputers says:


Anonymous says:

What about the Sprints HTC Hero .... I dont speak tech enough to root this thing please bring me an update... But its gotta be close it the moment has it right....

Ryan h says:

I am running the 2.1 rom on my moment right now and it's pretty sweet!

mindy says:

was it hard to download?

Cord says:

just like it sounds; instead of just touching the answer key (if using the touch screen) it has a slide or swipe function to prevent accidental answers and hang ups, it pretty common on most touch screen phones.

Cord says:

just like it sounds; instead of just touching the answer key (if using the touch screen) it has a slide or swipe function to prevent accidental answers and hang ups, it pretty common on most touch screen phones.

Clavis says:

Does anyone know what "slide to answer calls" means? Every list I've seen of the features of 2.1 mentions this new way to answer calls. What is it, and did anybody NEED a new way to answer calls, considering there's a dedicated button for that already?

Ryan h says:

It was super easy to download and install

Dorious says:

Does anybody tried to put it on i7500 Galaxy?

chad says:

Grrrrrrr... Where is the Hero 2.1 LOVE??????

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Anonymous says:

screw the hero this is for the samsung moment fk off guys 2.1 for the win

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rufflez says:

Been running sprint leaks on my Hero for a while now. Not sure why this made front page news and the Hero's leak never was. If you aren't running 2.1, I'm sorry, but you only have yourself to blame.

Written from my Sprint Hero running 2.1 on the Now Network

Weeton#AC says:

if you've been coming to this site and running 2.1 on your hero, you may remember that once upon a time way back when, it was on the front page of this website.

this just so happens to be the moment's time to shine. albeit..way after the hero's.

rufflez says:

Hmm, just searched, its never been mentioned in the blog about Hero leaks. If it was, please provide a link, and I will gladly retract my statement. However, I've been running the Sprint leaks for about a week and a half now and they run amazing (better than the Eris leaks).


hotbbq says:

I made an account just to respond to you. I guess you suck at searching. =P


Good first effort, but uh... that's for the GSM Hero. The one I posted was for the CDMA Sprint Hero.

sam1el says:

2.1 is also now rooted on the moment.

LSanna1488 says:

Actually Im also running 2.1 DD03 with Joeys v5 and my pandora works great. There is a streaming problem link on SDX-Developers forum that addresses this issue. All you need to do is to go into phone > Dialer > ##3282# > Multimedia > Enter "MSL" > You will see RTST Proxy, HTTPPD Proxy > set Address with "". You do need your msl to get this fixed.
In order to find your msl, download connectbot from the market. In connectbot once open at the bottom of the page, you see a dropdown screen open and select local, then in domain name type root, hit enter. Next screen youll see a "$" type getprop and hit enter. In that long ass list you will find your 6 digit msl listed as [ril.MSL]

Hope this helps

Crunchy Frog says:

Hey, if anyone with the Moment is reading this still, I am delighted to report that I flashed the 2.1 update (DD03) on my Moment and it works awesome. It is not perfect but it is 99% perfect. I fully expect the official release to be only slightly updated from this one. Some streaming apps don't work like Pandora, etc. The signal works, data works, performance is great and battery is as good if not much better. Best of all, BlueTooth actually works like it should and the whole phone operates more seamlessly like it should have to begin with. Cupcake should have been Beta software and this is a solid 1.0.
The actual update was super easy to do though you will need some techie knowledge but nothing that any solid user cannot figure out.
A few notes: GPS data is out of date so if/when you update, go outside and let it update properly. Updating Google Maps is a must. My Market purchases did not show up which was the biggest pain so back up apps before the flash or expect to contact vendors to get your license keys. Also expect some apps to not be in the updated Market too. Also, cycle the battery once or twice and restart the phone a few times. After the flash it does get warm and juice the battery fast so some processes are left behind. Battery has been good since I did this.
That's it folks. If you like your Moment now, you will love it so much more with 2.1!

[update] The streaming issue is fixed with a simple programming fix. Check out SDX-Developers website.