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Amazon is giving away 1000 Amazon Coins, which are valued at $10, for downloading five free apps. The promotion requires that you download these apps: iHeart Radio, Food Network In The Kitchen, Strawberry Shortcake Bake Shop, Dr. Panda's Restaurant, and Don't step the white tile.

If you're wary of downloading all five apps, you can download individual apps and still get 200 Amazon Coins for each download.

Once you do that, keep 'em, delete 'em, whatever. Now what to do with those coins? Here are some high grade premium apps that are worth a gander.

The promotion works on any Android device that has the Amazon Appstore installed in the U.S. Also, Amazon Coins can only be used for redeeming apps or in-app purchases in the Amazon Appstore, and cannot be used for purchasing digital goods like Kindle books. If you're interested, head over to Amazon from the link below and get downloading.

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Amazon offering $10 in Amazon Coins for downloading five free apps



No thanks, I'd rather not have ~$10 worth of app purchasing power for free?

Strange rationalization.

I used to work in a bookstore. There was a discount card that generally cost $10 but would provide a 10% discount on all other purchases starting with the very same transaction where the card was purchased. It would boggle my mind that people would vehemently refuse to "purchase" the card, even when they were spending hundreds of dollars. Literally I would say, "Your total is $250. If you would like to purchase our discount card, your total will be $235, and all of your purchases for the next year will be 10% off." They would say, "I'm not going to BUY something just to get a discount. You should just GIVE me the discount since I'm spending so much." I would say, "I'm sorry that I can't, but the idea is that the discount card will encourage you to return to OUR store rather than another bookstore. Giving you a discount this one time will do nothing to encourage repeat sales. Also, I'd get fired for that."

THIS has even less liability. You click "Purchase this free app" and don't even have to install it, and you get $10 to spend on apps you actually want. The hope, of course, being that you will use that $10 and then buy MORE than $10 worth of apps since you're already buying apps. But the choice is yours.

Either you have no self-control (Free apps are the gateway apps to paid apps! I can't afford to spend all my money on apps!), you are far too paranoid to even be using the internet (Oh noes! They want my information! Wait, if I buy things from them they already have my info! OH GOD BURN THE COMPUTER!), or you can't math (FREE + FREE =/= FREE). Which is it?

In other news, through these giveaways with apps, I've amassed more than 3000 coins in the past 2 weeks, with zero of my actual dollars spent.

That's too rich for my blood.

Dude, I think you've over-analyzed why most people, including myself, are passing on this one-time promo: $10 in virtual "coins" isn't worth the time and hassle for most people who make that much real money in under ~30 minutes. Also, Amazon's appstore sucks compared to Googles, and the apps are updated much less often. If I could, I'd instead pay $10 just to be able to move all the paid apps I've bought or gotten free on Amazon's store over to Google.

There's a lot of entirely valid reasons to turn down "free money", especially when you don't need or want to count to pennies.

I just "bought" them all in about 2 minutes time with one click. Bam. $10 dollars. Tons of people will do this.

Would probably take me 5mins, but I've got better things to do, like commenting here about not wanting anything to do with Amazon's crappy appstore anymore! :)

So it's a hassle to download them from the Amazon app store, but not a hassle from Google Play? If Google was doing this you and all the other complainers would be all over this.

My local bookstore does the same thing - tries to sign me up for some kind of discount program to save 10%. I'll grant you that it's probably a good deal. I resist mainly because I don't know how much time it will take to complete the process and, to a lesser extent, because I never really think I'm going to be coming back often enough to make it worthwhile. But I have been going back more frequently recently because of their board games and puzzles. So maybe I should.

That said, your sarcastic claim that free apps are a gateway drug to paid apps? Actually, that's kinda the point of this promotion. They give you some free apps, and then they give you credit to buy paid apps, and they hope you'll like those apps well enough to start buying paid apps thenceforth. It's a silly thing to be afraid of, but I think that's the idea - to normalize, in your mind, the spending of money on apps.

hahaha I didn't download a thing, just went to the website and clicked buy. the coins added to my account and no app to uninstall.

I was just about to post the same thing. You don't have to download the apps, you can just "buy" them through the site.

outside of the US you can only get up to 800 as iHeart Radio is US only.

still $8 to put apps in your amazon locker? awesome deal.

Buy those free apps from the site, get you 1000 coins, then buy Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Kindle Fire Edition) for 699 coins and recieve 2000 coins. My profit today: 2301 coins.

I only profited 2257 coins, thanks to Amazon charging sales tax in Massachusetts (making GTA 743 coins instead of 699).

I got charged tax also, but the receipt in my email showed a -300 coin promotion so it only cost me 426 coins total. 2574 coin net gain.

GTA only works on later model Kindle Fires and Fire TV, but it'll still let you buy the app without having a valid device. It'll just warn you before completing the purchase.

This. There have also been other deals like this over the past two weeks. Keep an eye out. There's free "money" everywhere!

Paid promotion by the app developers probably. As others mention, just click to the site and buy them for free without having to download anything. Free points!

Yes, just click to buy the app on the website (not on your phone). It will warn you about needing a kindle fire but still lets you purchase it.

If you've installed the Amazon Appstore on your device at any time, you can "purchase" apps from whether they're compatible with your device or not. "Buy" these five free apps, then "Buy" GTA:SA with some of your free coins (just click continue anyway when it tells you it's not compatible with your device), then "Celebrate" by spending your 2000+ free coin profit on whatever apps you want. AND if you ever get a kindle fire, you'll be able to download GTA:SA which you've already "Paid" for. #science

Thanks!! I just purchased GTA San Andreas using my browser and got the 2,000 coins. :-)

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where do I see my points? After getting the 4 programs available here I figured it would be as easy as clicking on something cheaper than $8.00 and it would automatically deduct from points but it wants me to add credit.
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On the website, if you're logged in, you should see a radio button option to pay with 1 click settings (using your credit card) and another for using Amazon coins. If you're buying from the Appstore app, the option is after you tell it you want to buy an app, but you may need to let the appstore sync before it sees all your coins.

It takes a few minutes for them to show up. On the web site just look at a paid app and where the pay options are, it will give your balance and let you use them to pay.

Thanks for letting me know. Between this and last weeks camera apps and the GTA deal I now have over 3200 coins. Think I might try out monument valley with some.

I could not find any sign of them but did find a purchase amazon coins link. I clicked that to see if it would show my balance but said they are unavailable in my area. Maybe this is a non Canada thing.

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Not getting any coins. Spanish account (does it matter?) in the UK. :/
I just got 500 for the free ap of the day though.

Thanks for the heads up, absolutely love these coin deals. I picked up a fire tv the other day and needed plex, which goes for $5 on its own. So I purchased GTA instead for $7 and got 20000 coins. Spent 500 on Plex and had 15000 left over. This is how shopping should be! lol

If you do not own a kindle you can still get the 2000 free coins for buying San Andreas. Go to the Appstore on amazons website andt be sure to use your free coins from the 5 apps in this post. I got a total of 2262 coins and did not spend any real currency. I was charged 39 coins for tax for San Andreas though.

Just a note for all of us amassing these free coins - the promotional coins do expire within one year of "purchase":

2.5 Expiration Dates; Application of Coins. Purchased Coins do not expire. Promotional Coins expire on the last day of the calendar month one year after we give them to you (for example, Promotional Coins we give you on May 15 will expire on May 31 of the following year).

Make sure you use your free coins within a year!

I'm in the UK on a Kindle Fire HD and non of these apps are giving free coins. There is free coins on the paid indie apps and GTA but not these :-(

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Just so everyone knows, you can just go to the amazon app store website and purchase San Andreas with the coins you get for this and you will get the 2000 coins. I don't have a kindle fire and this worked for me and my roommate. The app won't work on my devices but I got 2000 coins for spending 699. Thats an additional 1301 coins. $23 in app purchasing ability for nothing!

Admittedly I haven't read through all the comments but...

What else can you "buy" that gives you free coins? :)

"bought" the 5 free, then "bought" GTA-SA and now have even more free coins!

Word to the wise, it takes amazon a few minutes from when you buy the 5 free apps to register your free coin credit. Give it a few minutes and your coins will appear.

Download them and don't install :-) you still get the coins. Save em and the space for something you really want.

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I can't seem to figure out how to use the coins. I click buy app, then the screen dims a bit, stays like that for a bit, then loads the browser and shows me the EULA for the coins, never does let me "buy" it and install it. Tried Monument Valley and Out There.

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I purchased plex for 99 coins and was rewarded with an extra 250 free coins on top of the advertised 30

Not sure How many coins i started off with but I have 2640 now.
Bought GTA obviously. spend 743 to get 2000 seemed like a no brainer to me

If anyone cares, Minecraft is 699 coins and refunds 350 coins if you want to pick that one up.
Also, Plex is on sale for 99c and refunds 30 coins.

LOVE THIS COMMENT!! ABSOLUTELY INGENIOUS! Lol. Exactly how I feel!! And BTW can you enlighten me on the other freebies?! This is my son's kindle I'm helping him out... his gaming gets pricy but he deserves it! Kelly's games up and she's hard!!!