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Amazon has announced that owners of its Android-based Fire TV set top box can download and enjoy more video content, thanks to the addition of even more media apps, including MLB.TV.

Other new media apps that have been released for Fire TV include WATCH Disney Channel, WATCH Disney Jr, Animal Planet Live, and WWE Network.. Amazon added that even more media apps will be released for Fire TV by the end of 2014, including WATCH ABC, WATCH ABC Family, NFL Now, A&E, Lifetime, Outside TV, Young Hollywood, North Face TV, Fashion TV, Green TV and Dailymotion.

This is the latest such update for Fire TV. Last week, Amazon announced that the creator of the original Flappy Bird game released a new title in the series, Flappy Bird Family, that is currently only available to play on Fire TV. What do you think of Amazon adding even more media channels to its set top box?

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Amazon Fire TV adds new media apps, including MLB.TV and Disney


Noticed the Disney Channel apps a few days ago when I was trying to get some programming for my son. Unfortunately, DirecTV is not one of the eligible networks, so this app didn't work for me.

I noticed the Disney Channel ones about a week ago. I hope they are working on HBO Go. I also hope they update the Amazon streaming service so you can choose Prime only movie and shows instead of throwing everything together.