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The Amazon Appstore is offering several music apps for free as part of its Free App of the Day program. The apps, collectively worth over $40 at their regular prices, cover every thing from radio to music creation.

  • TuneIn Radio Pro, regularly $3.99
  • Shazam Encore, regularly $4.99
  • WavePad Master's Edition, regularly $9.99
  • Mini Piano, regularly $0.99
  • Ultimate Guitar Tabs, regularly $2.99
  • Metronome: Tempo, regularly $1.25
  • edjing Premium DJ mix rec studio, regularly $9.99
  • jetAudio Music Player Plus, regularly $3.99
  • iReal Pro - Music Book & Play Along, regularly $10.99
  • Treble Cat - Learn to Read Music, regularly $4.99
  • Guitar Riff Pro, regularly $2.99
  • G-Stomper Studio, regularly $7.99

These apps are available for free in multiple countries, including the U.S., U.K., France, and Italy. You can check out the sale through the Appstore on your device, or check it out directly on the Appstore website.

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mramgraham says:

Almost all have in app purchases and only a few have great reviews. I have yet to ever see a couple amazon free apps that are worth it. Plus the Amazon store is slow and buggy.

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Mrdouglas says:

Once in a blue moon they have something good for free. Unfortunately, their apps either receive slow or no updates. That infuriated me for a while. However, I finally pulled the plug on it when they released a new version of the store every month. Each new version had the same bugs, yet consumed more and more system resources. Of course, you cannot stop the app... It runs in the background constantly (certainly doing more than verifying the occasional amazon app I open is legal). Tsk tsk Amazon. :-(

sublimaze says:

Greenify it.

ronnypoo says:

Only time I used their app store was when riptide gp2 was free for one day :)

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hotice says:

Riptide GP2 was free for about two weeks solid at least. Not as free app of the day but if you scrolled down you would see it. Not only that but they were giving a $1 mp3 store credit if you got it - for free!!! Amazon has a lot of great deals and the Appstore app has gotten much better!!!

ScottJ says:

Let's do some fact checking. You said, "only a few have great reviews". Let's break it down:

TuneIn Radio Pro: 4.0
Shazam Encore: 3.3
WavePad : 3.7
Mini Piano: 4.1 Stars
Ultimate Guitar Tabs: 3.7
Metronome Tempo: 3.9
edjing Premium DJ: 3.3
jetAudio Music Player Plus: 3.9
iReal Pro - Music Book & Play Along: 4.6
Treble Cat - Learn to Read Music: 4.3
Guitar Riff Pro: 4.1
G-Stomper Studio: 4.4

If we accept the threshold of 4.0 stars as great then 6 of the 12, or 50% have "great reviews". I don't know where you live but where I'm from six is more than a few.

For comparison, here are the ratings of some beloved apps:

Swiftkey: 4.4
Swype: 4.0
BeyondPod: 4.2
Feedly: 4.4
Pulse: 4.1
Evernote: 4.6

The Amazon App Store has been slow and buggy. It's gotten much better in the last couple of releases and is now pretty usable.

My strategy is to simply get the free app of the day or other free offerings of paid apps and then cancel the install if I don't want it on my phone. That way I have rights to that app in the future if I ever want it or have a need for it. I've done this since the inception of the Amazon store. No harm, no foul.

It's amazing how people have to bitch about things even if they are free.

Wollombi says:


Bob61 says:

^^ This x 2.

FYI - Just checked out Google Play ratings, some apps better rated there. Example, jetAudio Music Player Plus is rated 4.4 on Google Play (vs 3.9 on Amazon), Tune In Radio Pro rated 4.4 on GP and 4.0 on Amazon and edjing Premium DJ is 4.4 on GP and 3.3 on Amazon.

lr1517 says:

TuneIn Radio Pro and Shazam Encore are worth it IMO

Evilnut says:

TuneIn for sure. I got it for free on Amazon's app store a few years ago. Its a great app.

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Wobblin30 says:

Me too, solid app.

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josuearisty says:

I got it on Play Store for 10 cents some years ago.

straub27 says:

ha, the only two I downloaded

DirkBelig says:

>"The apps, collectively worth over $40 at their regular prices"

They total up to $65.14. While technically correct to state that they're "over $40," you've kinda undersold the value.

seanjenkins says:

Collectively worth over $12....

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they cost more than $40 at MSRP but seanjenkins is probably closer when it comes to what they're worth

ScottJ says:

You, collectively, are worth about $160: the scrap value of the chemicals you contain.

Analyss14 says:

lol. What? In what way is this relevant?

ScottJ says:

Ergo, the guy is virtually worthless.

I guess if some of my posts don't go over some people's heads then I'm not trying hard enough.

Analyss14 says:

umm...I wasn't questioning the content of your comment but the relevancy, which is still none. You're not as clever as you think. lol.

ScottJ says:

Agree to disagree.

Tigrisan says:

TuneIn Radio Pro still the best music app by far! Too bad Clearstream Media decided to make iHeart an exclusive player. I never have a solid stream with that but TuneIn, fantastic!

furrba11 says:

Is is me or is G-Stomper Studio not available on UK Amazon? (Following the source link from the Android Central app only lists 11 apps not 12.)

planeth says:

G-Stomper Studio is only included to the deal in the US. Don't know why they didn't include it in europe as well.

bhatech says:

Downloaded Shazam and Tune in .... Rest all meh.

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ScottJ says:

Some people exist to listen to music, others to make it.

emalasto says:

Eh I got Sonic CD for free like a month ago but they do tend to have crappy apps most of the time.

oren760 says:

if there's an update to one of the app I downloaded from the Amazon app store- how can I update?

ScottJ says:

Amazon App Store>Hamburger menu>My Apps>Updates Tab

From the Appstore, open the sidebar, go to My Apps, and there should be a tab named Updates.