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Amazon has been spending time wooing developers, and they might finally be ready to open their app store to the masses. Wired is reporting that Amazon could launch their app store this coming Tuesday, March 22. Their main selling point to developers (and users) will be a more curated storefront to help quality apps stand out from the pack. In addition, Amazon is already set up to take money in more countries than Google's Checkout which would open entirely new markets for developers and finally give customers living there a (legal) way to obtain paid apps. [Wired]


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Amazon App Store could launch as soon as March 22


>"Their main selling point to developers (and users) will be a more curated storefront to help quality apps stand out from the pack."

And their main downside is the possibly over-zealous and draconian DRM system...

You mean the over-zealous and draconian DRM system which doesn't exist?

From the Amazon blog:

Do customers need to have internet access to use an Amazon DRM-enabled app?

No. Once an app is installed, a user can use the app without having internet access.

How can you verify that the user has an entitlement to the app without internet access?

During the installation process for an app, the Amazon Appstore client downloads a small token that grants the user the right to access the application. A valid token permits the user that purchased the app to access their app offline. The Amazon Appstore client will periodically communicate with Amazon servers to refresh the token.

Well, I did say "possibly".
This is good info, thanks. They must have clarified since last I researched it.

One of the better advantages to an Amazon store would be that the user could pay for apps via the method of their choice. Some people (me included) don't have or want a "Google Checkout Account". Google already has entirely too much info and control over our stuff already!

Rovio has said many times that Angry Birds Rio will launch on the 22nd. The film premiers on the 22nd (in Rio de Janeiro) and they are launching the game with it.

Since the game is exclusive to the Amazon App Store at launch, it only makes sense that the store goes live at or before that day.

Sounds good. Since I'm already a big Amazon user, this will fit in nicely. It also will spur Google to further improve the Android Market.

The last point in the article could very well big the biggest boon to the success of this app store as well as the Android platform getting good quality apps in general. Who knows? Maybe Google will then buy Amazon??? LOL.

I am struggling to understand what the benefits would be to the consumer. Another android app store seems to be the answer to a question that noone is asking, unless I am missing something (which is very possible)

The benefits for the consumer is more choice, the benefits for Amazon is another income source and solid resource for apps/content for their upcoming tablet, coming sooner than later...

Here's hoping that Amazon's App store will be more child friendly. I really don't want my kid exposed to a lot of the stuff in Google's Marketplace.

If you're still worried about that then I suggest they are too young to own a smartphone.

There are far worse things on the net than in the app store.