App developers and website owners now have a simple way to authenticate users with their existing Amazon account

Amazon announced today that it is joining the single sign-on game with a new service called "Login with Amazon" that will let users sign into other sites with their existing Amazon credentials. Similarly to the service offered by Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others, Amazon is extending the functionality to app developers and website owners to integrate on their products and make it easier for users to authenticate without making a new login and password for that specific property. Users can choose what parts of their account to share with each authenticated app or site, and can quickly get started with a new service without any extra hassle.

As is the case with the other single sign-on providers, it's in Amazon's best interest to have as many people signed in and ready to shop at any given point. So as you would expect, Login with Amazon is available to developers at no charge, and according to Amazon is extremely easy to implement. Based on early trials with its subsidiaries Zappos and Woot, Amazon saw a high amount of engagement with the new Amazon sign-on compared to other social logins. Will you be more willing to use Amazon as a sign-on at a new app or website than another service such as Google+? Let us know in the comments.

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Amazon announces 'Login with Amazon' platform for apps, games and websites


I'd rather use a login that didn't have my billing information stored somewhere on its servers...

Good point.

The whole idea of using one account to log into other accounts seems to be driven by users not wanting to create another login (and get another dose of spam) for trivial things like posting in a forum or commenting on a blog.

But each time you use that functionality you hand over information about a relationship to people who have no real reason to know about it.

I try to avoid these things, especially when one of them has my credit card on file.

Presumably Amazon doesn't automatically share your credit card and address information with every site you sign in on.

And as far as retailers, I think I can trust Amazon more than many other places on the internet with that kind of information.

Absolutely. Amazon has had FAR fewer privacy issues than any of the other sites that offer "login with us" services. Not to mention the fact that there's no possibility of accidentally publicly posting something I'm doing on another site to Amazon, like there is with Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

Maybe a nice idea for shopping sites (related to Amazon), but for social sites (unrelated to Amazon)... Erm. Something that these cross-site, SSO solutions annoy me with is that I don't necessarily WANT to sign a comment on Site X using my profile from Site Y ... I either want a specific profile for Site X, Site Z, or just Anonymouse. It adds a few steps of annoyance that I have to decline or denigrate use of my other site sign-on.

In the case of Amazon, I might like another site to show my profile from Amazon, with all my reviews (video and text), wish lists, "Listmania," etc. But for the most part, Amazon for me is an isolated destination, not a hub of social identity like FB, G+, Orkut, MySpace, TextAmerica, Wordpress, or even (ahem) Mobile Nations.

I will probably not go anywhere near this new "service."

I don't know where this is going but I'm not against it. I'm sure peeps at the Amazon app store won't be happy thou if this becomes trendy there. They whine about everything. Wanna read the biggest outcries for a free product, read the reviews on the FAOTDs. As if the app came and pinch their nipples. And gotta love those full reviews of male adults telling developers how the girly app doesn't work for them but does the trick for their 6 year old daughter. No sh*t!