The official Android game for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit the Play Store today, offering plenty of web-slinging and smart-alecky heroism. The storyline expands on what's in the movie, and has tons of unlockables, like the Symbiote Spider-Man costume, and butt heads with villains like Venom and Kraven the Hunter. There's original voice acting throughout (though I haven't been impressed with it in past games) and an open world replete with rich 3D graphics. Added bonus: it looks like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 game launched on Android before iOS this time.

Even if you have no intention of seeing the movie, if you're a comic fan at all, this is probably worth a gander. The game is going for $4.99, and it includes in-app purchases for accelerated progression. That's likely a dealbreaker for a lot of people. Any takers?


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Amazing Spider-Man 2 web-slings its way into Google Play


Hell no, make it free, after a couple stages you'll be paying $5 for a power up that takes 2 hours to take effect!!!!... I ain't doing it

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Oh crud, it's a game (not a movie). Regardless my point still stands! Except for Godzilla reboots (can never have too many of those!). :P

Its a sequel to a reboot that they (Sony) were forced to do.

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The deal breaker is that it's made by Gameloft, those no-QA having mother effers. $5 for buggy crap that will leave me stuck half way through the game because the objectives disappeared or a switch won't work, or a door/portal is glitched out of e existence. All that and IAP as a bonus, not only no thanks, but F you!

Hmmm, you should THINK before you say. There are TONS of apps that cost more than this game and have in-app purchases. For example, THE FIRST game of Amazing Spiderman. Right now, its 6.99 with in-app purchases. Thats more than this game, and this game is a huge improvment! (Well, maybe not much) But the thing is, you should be happy that you even GET the game, and that its less than the first game. >:(

I'll probably download it cracked and then see whether it's worth a buy or not.

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