AllCast on Fire TV

Coming up tightly behind the launch of Amazon's Fire TV, well-known developer Koush has brought his popular AllCast streaming app to the box. While it was available previously as a simple app to sideload for yourself manually, you can now get it through the Amazon Appstore officially.

Paired up with the AllCast app on your Android phone or tablet, AllCast on the Fire TV enables you to throw content from your mobile device to an otherwise dumb TV with the Fire TV playing as a receiver. With the app installed you can now seamlessly switch between content sources and your choice of inputs on the TV — whether it be a Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV or now a Fire TV.

The app is free in the Amazon Appstore at the source link below, or you can simply search for the app on your Fire TV and it'll show up right away.

Source: Amazon Appstore


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AllCast receiver app arrives in Amazon Appstore for Fire TV


So with this you would have all the benefits of a Chrome cast without a separate device.

Posted via Android Central App

The Amazon app store says that it is not compatible with Nexus 5. Also, one of the only three comments say that it is not compatible with the Note 3. Anybody with a Nexus One can tell us how it works?