Afterlight for Android

Afterlight is a great new app for Android photographers now available in the Google Play Store. Afterlight enjoys a ton of popularity on iOS thanks adjustable filters, fine-tuning tools, textures, and cut-out frames.

For $0.99 you get 59 filters, 66 textures, and 77 artistic frames. If those aren't enough, you can always pick up more through in-app purchases.

Afterlight is particularly well-suited for sharing snaps out to Instagram, though you can export your final compositions however you like.

Which photo apps are you using lately? Think Afterlight is up your alley? There's also Fragment coming to Android soon, which is worth checking out.


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Afterlight photo app finds its way to Android


I've always been partial to Snapseed. Love the amount of control it gives the user. Not a big fan of VSCO

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It's up to the developer set a value for their work, that's called freedom. As someone who considers these kinds of apps are worth it, I'll pay for afterlight, it is a great app for photo editing worth the dollar. If you think it is too expensive just use the free apps, that's it.

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I just troll the filter people with my unique filter and never tell them what it is. It changes itself over time and I call it the living filter.

I'll let my secret out to all, I just leave the plastic on my camera lens when I get a new phone till it's blurry and dirty enough that it just falls off on it's own.

This one is pretty good, I am on iOS but I paid for it and it is my default editing app. Sometimes spending money outright gets you a better product. Additionally I like to support devs that make great app, they need to feed their families.

I'd actually pay good money for a simple photo app that can just crop, rotate and resize images with high quality results. Instead we get umpteen hundred apps with a bunch of "filters" and low quality resampling engines that make a hot mess of the resized image.

I'd pay good money for a camera app that's fast, gives quick access to ISO and shutter speed settings; and can get indoor shots in focus. I can do all of the editing and effects later in Photoshop.

In other words, I want my GS3 to behave like a DSLR. (i also want my 2004 Buick to behave like a brand-new Tesla.)

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If you're on Android, QuickPic is all you need. Best gallery app for it's speed and more, but rotating, cropping and resizing is quick and painless with this.

I'm using Photoshop PS, since I use Photoshop extensively on my PC. I doubt anything else can match the photo managing features of Photoshop, once you learn how to use them properly.

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