Google TV demonstration

For those of you dying to watch the full thing, here's Adobe's entire Google TV demonstration from the Adobe Flash Summit. We get to experience Flash on a number of websites, and for a dev unit, it's all pretty functional. Check it out after the break.


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Adobe's full Google TV demonstration


All right here we go, deep breath.

Google TV will NOT offer cheap low powered set top boxes. The STB is going to be built by Logitech and is going to cost around $600. It will have a harmony remote (anyone who is familiar with these will be happy) that will have a built in slider keyboard. (also be able to use your android device for input)

Google TV will be built into the next line of Sony TV's (as of right now Google TV and 3D are on separate paths so you will not see a 3D Google TV)

The advantage of the Logitech box and its value over a media PC is how it connects to other devices. (albeit with IR blaster [yuck]).

When connected and everything is working the way it should, it has a universal search that allows to you search every media source at your disposal. Lets say you want to watch some 24. Type 24 into the search bar and it will return results from the web, it will tell you if you have any episodes on your DVR, it will tell you if there are any on your media server through DLNA, it may in time even be able to talk to you a multi disc bluray spindle and actually search your physical disc library.

It will also bring the full web to your TV (as this video shows).

The real draw is a very clean package. Notice how much they are saying "average consumer". Your average consumer is not going to get this from a PC running Windows 7. Sage TV and XMBC can offer a clean user interface but require a lot of work and trouble shooting.

It's based on the Android OS too. I know it won't be included from the start but the Android market is a future update that is planned. That means there could be some great apps to use with the service eventually. The developers will just need time to optimize the apps for larger screens. I know I'm excite to see what will happen with Google TV.

Well if this thing will support DLNA (since my actual TV doesn't :C) and hopefully will get chrome-to-Tv or chrome-to-phone-to-tv or something along those lines, count me IN! I love the integration that webOS brought (synergy!), which seems to be the path to our next generation of technological advancements!