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How easy is it to push an Adobe AIR app to the Android Market? Let's watch Adobe's Lee Brimelow create a very simple test app for Adobe AIR, compile and distribute to the Android Market -- in about 6 minutes. It's that simple, folks. We can already imagine Adobe AIR giving the Android App Inventor a run for its money. And given that there are so many AIR developers out there already, it's time for a whole new crop of Android apps, folks. video at the source link. [gotoAndLearn()]

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dhero says:

FYI - downloaded app (BeaPurr) from Market and opened it. App says it requires Adobe AIR to be installed and do you want to install it? I say yes, then the Market says the requested item could not be found ... Heroc running CM6.

Forgive me for not knowing, but is CM6 a Froyo build? If not, Air isn't going to work for you.

dhero says:

Yes, CM6 is Froyo 2.2 plus mods by the CM team

DevD says:

Anybody else notice that he was running AIR on a Samsung Captivate? If I recall correct, doesn't AIR require 2.2? If so this is a good sign that a Froyo update for the US Galaxy S phones is coming soon.

during the Air beta, the runtimes worked on 2.1 or higher, as long as your phone met the specs


vtgrad03 says:

I second that!

DougB541#CB says:

Did the logo JUST go up....i hit comments and i saw the change haha. was just looking at the old one.

dhero says:

moved ...

bobaka says:

Samsung Captivate:

1. Android Market.. Adobe Air
"Your device has Android 2.1. However this app is for Android version 2.2 and higher"

2. BeaPurr
Installs (i guess)
try to run:
"The application BeaPurr (process app.BeaPurr) has stopped... blah blah blah force close...

DEAR ADOBE DUDE (yes you Lee)
People OBVIOUSLY wanna try out what you're showing
so they don't waste their frickin time...

DevD says:

Yeah, to be able to have AIR running and just pull an AIR app from the market like that he has to either be running a custom / beta version of AIR that works on 2.1 or he's running a beta release of Froyo on his Captivate.

I checked out how to get AIR running on 2.1 and it's kind of an involved process, and buggy from what I hear. My money is on that being a beta version of Samsung Captivate Froyo. It did seem exceptionally snappy for the few moments it was on screen.

WickedStyx says:

The tutorial is clearly aimed at developers who could work out that Air requires 2.2 (it says it on the front page of AndroidCentral) and how to install the 2.2 beta on the Captivate (takes all of 5 minutes).

icebike says:

Let the Crapp-Apps Flow.

You thought there was crapware in the market now. You ain't seen nothing yet.

hotkoko says:

so, what is AIR and what can I do with it?? I still don't understand

Kiserai says:

You know how flash works in the browser on 2.2 if you install it from the market? Air allows Flash, HTML, Javascript and ActionScript to run without a browser window.

Basically, it makes writing apps easier and uses a lot of the same methods that web developers are already used to.

I'm not a developer, but that's the understanding I have about all of this. If I'm wrong, tell me to shut up and I'll stop talking. :)

hotkoko says:

sounds like if u don't develop apps then its useless to people. right?? I download the app but quickly uninstalld since I didn't see any difference

Kiserai says:

No, it's not useless. You have to have Air installed if you want to play games or use apps written for Air. There aren't many yet, but it just came out so give it time.

Coolaaron88 says:

The cat is so precious xD

Brigini says:

Works great on the G2!

bky16 says:

I don't particularly like Adobe, but, hate to hear that Microsoft is to acquire Adobe. It's a act against google.