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The Android vs. iPhone battle continues to rage on in forums, articles and between friends who sport competing devices. The war in the ad space has been continued on as an advertisement in Grenada, Miss., was spotted that shows Android soaring right through the middle of an Apple (subtle isn't it?)

Nevertheless, the ad is amusing and will likely be met by cheers from the Android community and jeers from the iOS folks. [Thanks to @StormTrooper626]


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Ad in Mississippi spotted, shows Android soaring through (an) Apple


daaaaaaaaamnnnnnn! GO MISSISSIPPI! lol, id love to see apple fanboys deal with that!...wait wait, this is the perfect time for the cool catch-phrase...

"How do ya like DEM apples?!"

That was RIM's canceled add for the original Storm, before they realized that the phone actually sucked.

That is an ad for Cellular South. They'e a Regional carrier in Mississippi. Too bad that their idea of an iPhone killer in Dec 09 was the HTC Hero, and the phone for this new add is the Motorola Milestone. They just released the Milestone in the last 2 weeks. Cellular South has a history of being behind with their handsets. Cool ad, but get some of the Verizon CDMA goodness instead of the leftovers.