Accuweather for Android

AccuWeather today announced that it has updated its Android application to push severe weather alerts to your phone. That's a big deal, because it means you won't actually have to check the app to get an alert -- it'll be sent to your notification bar, which means you'll see it sooner. And as we've unfortunately seen again in the past week, having a few extra minutes to take cover before a storm hits can be a life-or-death difference. 

If a severe weather alert is enacted in your area, you'll get a notification, and your phone will vibrate, too.

“Proactively alerting our users that severe weather is in their forecast is very important to us,”  Pascal Racheneur, AccuWeather Vice President of Interactive Media, said in a press release. “Pushed severe weather alerts are another way that we can give you immediate access to your local and up-to-date weather conditions. In addition to pushed severe weather alerts, we added lifestyle forecasts – special weather forecasts for specific hobbies or activities such as, travel and sports, and forecasts that impact specific health conditions, such as asthma and migraines.” 

AccuWeather cooked a few other improvements into this update, including detailed hourly forecasts, a new lifestyle section, in-app purchasing for an upgrade to AccuWeather Platinum, UI updated for consistency, and you can now exit the app.

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Reader comments

AccuWeather Android app gets push severe weather notifications


I love beweather, but is it real push notifications? That's the point of this post.

Edit.. I just read that beweather does push their severe alerts.

Yeah, US only though, froyo and up. From Android Market BeWeather Pro:

- Instant weather advisory notifications (US only) via push technology (Android 2.2 and higher)

I love BeWeather too. Best I've found so far. Data from Weather Underground which some people prefer to AccuWeather

CNN App alerts are good enough for me. if the weather is that bad - CNN will tell me. no need for App redundancy.

I hope this is not abused. I had another weather app that would set off stupid warnings all the time for non-events (just just regular thunderstorms).

Will this be compatible with Accuweather that is integrated into HTC Sense???

Which of the 100 or so AccuWeather apps this applies to? They have AccuWeather, AccuWeather Platinum, AccuWeather Quick, AccuWeather Quick Platinum, AccuWeather for Honeycomb... and I'm not even counting the versions for OEMs!