Android Wear on an LG G Watch

We're all still excited about the prospects of Android Wear, and a few new looks on what it's like to create apps for the new wearable platform are building the anticipation. Taking to the Android Developers Blog, design and developer advocates Roman Nurik and Timothy Jordan walked us through the process of designing an app for Android Wear. Using the example of making an app that creates walking tours (adapted from an idea for Glass), Roman and Timothy give a quick walkthrough of how they designed in the constrained environment of 140x140 dp.

Android Wear App

Designing Android Wear apps is apparently quite simple for the square interface — such as on the LG G Watch — and not much harder on the round Moto 360 interface either. Roughly an hour of extra time went into scaling and changing the simple mock app from square to round, which is a good sign for those who intend to pick up the Moto 360 when it becomes available.

The whole post is worth a read if you're interested in getting as much information as possible — and catching a couple pictures of the G Watch and Moto 360 — on Android Wear. Naturally we're going to hear a whole lot about the wearables running Wear at Google I/O later in the month.

Source: Android Developers


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Android developers shed light on designing apps for Android Wear


Wow... That's way bigger than the renders that have been floating around of the hipsters on bikes and in coffee shops wearing them.

I'm sure that the official hardware will be more refined than the "prototype" shown in your link. At least I hope so.
John Hancock

I just want Android Wear on my Galaxy least until the Moto360 comes out.

I think it's going to have a smaller bezel, remember it's a "prototype" and could have an additional casing on it....maybe.

As most development/prototypes do. No reason to jump the gun on the size and overall look of the moto 360. It has not been shown in retail form yet.

John Hancock

That looks huge...but I remember watching the man behind it wearing it in an interview and it certainly didn't look that big on his wrist.

Posted via Android Central App

not surprised. Intitial specs released back in march reported the diameter of the watch to be 46mm, which is larger than average(38mm). Always check diameter of the watch before you buy, or you could be in for a surprise. Got a nice automatic on sale, but didn't check beforehand and didn't know it was 42mm. Big surprise, literally. Got used to the size and weight after a while, but it still pays to look before you leap.