2012 Android Central Awards

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the 2012 Android Central Awards. You've been listening to us go on and on and on and on (and on!) this year about Android smartphones and tablets and apps. Now it's your turn to have the definitive say in what's the best of the best from 2012 and have bragging rights going into 2013.

For the hardware side of things, we pared down the suggestions to what we think will be the most popular choices. But if we missed your favorite smartphone or tablet, no worries. Just give us your write-in candidate in the "Other" choice in each question. Apps of the year are completely up to you.

Voting for the 2012 Android Central Awards will remain open until 5 p.m. EST Dec. 21. We'll tally up the winners over the holiday break, then announce them shortly after the new year, so stay tuned for that. (And for those of you who rock the forums on a daily basis, be sure to vote in our Community Awards.)

Enough preamble.


Reader comments

The 2012 Android Central Awards - voting is now open!


My top phones list:
1. LG Nexus 4
2. HTC DLX (Droid DNA)
3. LG Optimus G
4. Samsung Galaxy Note 2
5. HTC One X+
6. Nokia Lumia 920
7. Asus Padfone 2
8. Samsung Galaxy SIII
9. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
10. HTC 8X
11. HTC One X
12. Apple iPhone 5 (lol fail)

LG Optimus G should be at the top. Same as the Nexus 4, better camera (Sprint Variant), LTE, expandable storage (AT&T Variant), and nicer design. IMHO

But the Optimus G, unlike the Nexus 4, will not have immediate updates, and does not run stock Android. And the Nexus 4's design is better in my opinion. I still think it wins without the design. I will admit that the Optimus G takes the cake for better camera, though.

Honestly, I've gotten so much use out of Google Voice while I didn't have phone service that I have to put that at the top of my Apps list along with the Galaxy S III as the best phone all year. after that bootloader got unlocked on Verizon's model, the floodgates of developer support opened and have become the most active I've seen on any phone so far.

This year (using the GNex, Droid 4, and SGS3) has been Android Year for me.

Also, Where's the vote for best Mobile Nations Editor where the only option is Phil Nickinson? I would have totally voted on that.

I think you meant the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE, not last year's Photon 4G.

Also, the Kindle Fire HD 7 (currently AWOL) should be with the small tablets, and the 8.9-inch version (currently with the small tablets) should probably be with the larger tablets.

I don't like to be picky like this, but I feel like someone needs to say something.

Please don't require us to choose something in every category. I don't have any interest in twitter, so why force me to skew your results?

I voted the Galaxy S III for the phone of the year. I switched to a Nexus 4 a month ago, But I think for general consumers like my mom and 95% of the android users, I think the Galaxy S III is the best you can get on android as a general all around phone. It is available on all carriers, has all the needed features, most of them are being updated to 4.1.1 (Verizon take the hint), Good camera, and easy to use. Its the phone I got my mom for her birthday.

Couple of questions

Why is the Nexus 7 listed as the Google Nexus 7 while the Nexus 10 is listed as the Samsung Nexus 10?

Why did I have to list a favorite travel app? I don't use one. I should be able to leave that field blank but the survey requires me to answer it in order to continue.