New information collected by the Yahoo Aviate app shows that a typical Android device has an average of 95 apps installed, but that only 35 of them are actually used each day.

The Yahoo Aviate app offers users collections of their installed Android apps based on different types of activities and times. Yahoo collected the anonymous data from the users of those apps to come up with their statistics. The results show that Android users interact with apps on an average of 100 times a day and that up to six apps an hour are accessed at peak hours usually during the late afternoon.


Yahoo's data also shows what catagorie of apps are used most in a day. For example, transportation-based apps are used the most around 8 am and 5 pm, which is also the normal time people commute to and from work. Weather apps are used most during the morning and evening hours, according to Yahoo, and finance apps get the most use in the morning hours.

The statistics also show the use of more specific apps. For example, phone and SMS apps are used most during work hours, while clock apps are used the most at night or early morning, perhaps because Android users are setting their alarms for the next day. Google Maps tends to see a peak of access near the end of the day, and Facebook usage goes up steadily during the day, with a boost in the late evening as people get home.

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Source: Yahoo Aviate