New Android Central Home Page

Welcome to the next iteration of Android Central. We'd give you a version number but, frankly, we have no idea what version we're on.. Just like Android, we keep on doing our thing. (Though we're able to get updates to all of you at one time, which is awesome.)

So what's new? We just rolled out a new version of our homepage filter, with much more filtering power behind it.

You now have three main options for content on the Android Central home page.

  • Featured content: You're not going to see every story in this view. This is the best of the best. Or maybe the least of the worst. If you're looking for the most important news of the day, this is where you'll find it.
  • All headlines: With this view, you get the raw feed. Everything we post goes here -- a veritable waterfall of Android news. You'll see featured stories here as well, played a little more prominently. You can also see at a glance when the post went up, as well as the number of comments.
  • Latest discussions: We have the most helpful and friendly Android forums around, bar none. And now you can see the latest forum discussions -- as well as the device they're tied to -- directly on the home page.

​But, Phil, I want the headlines as my default home page!

Then set them as your homepage, homeslice! When you first come to the home page now, you'll see the featured stories by default. But click over to the headlines, and you'll see an option in the top right to see them as your default. 

Change your mind and want featured stories or discussions as your default? You can change back and forth as much as you want!

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Why did you do this? I hate change!

Let's face it, the amount of Android news that comes through here daily can be daunting. I know -- even I can have a hard time keeping up with it all. Now the really important stuff is right where you need it. The hardcore news junkies should use the headlines column by default. (That's what I'm using.) But if you want just the best of the best, or are more concerned about forum discussions, you now have the option to see them first.

Is it always going to be like this?

Nope. It's going to get even better. We're already hard at work on the next iteration of Android Central. Android didn't become the best mobile operating system by sitting around, and we didn't become the biggest and best Android site by resting on our laurels, either.

Can I make a suggestion?

Please do! Look, this isn't perfect just yet. We already have ideas of what we want to change and improve on. And we want to hear form you, too. Leave your feedback in the comments here, or head into this post in our forums.

These are exciting times, folks. And we're glad you're along for the ride.