It's kinda wet and gray here... Time for a nap

Let's talk about the weather

Weather's kind of important, especially around this time of year when you can walk outside and either find it 80 degrees or 20. What can I say, Texas winters are a little random. Point is, the weather's kinda important, and it's something that you have quite a few options when using. Beyond the plethora of apps available for weather, there are also plugins in many other apps to roll in weather, including Google Now, which will answer your thinking-out-loud "What's the weather going to be like today?"

We'll be digging into weather app more later this month, but first we wanted to see what our loyal Android Central readers were using — and more importantly, why you use what you do? Do you need cutting-edge radar maps? How important is widget design to you? Is one service more accurate around your neck of the weeks than the rest? Do you need an Android Wear companion app? Whatever your reasoning, share it — and the weather situation on your Android devices — in the comments so we'll have a better idea of what to prioritize in our coverage.