Android Central 2014 Reader's Choice Awards

It's time to let us see your pick for the year's best phones, tablets, apps and more!

It's time for our annual popularity contest. And it's time for you, fair reader, to chime in and vote for your favorite devices, manufacturers, phones, tablets, apps and more! This is all about seeing what your favorite things were in 2014. There will be many right answers. There are some obvious wrong ones. This isn't about what's "best" — it's about what you liked. What you thought rose above everything else to be the best of the best in the Android world in 2014. (For a look at what won in 2013, click here.)

We'll keep this short. We'll keep it sweet. And we'll keep the survey open until 5 p.m. EDT Dec. 20 we collect your votes.

What awaits on the other side? Well, that's up to you. Vote now!

Vote now in the 2014 Android Central Reader's Choice Awards!