Forsaken World Mobile

Forsaken World Mobile is among select submissions that will enable those interested in upcoming content to register their interest. Once the listing goes live Google Play would then download the app (or game) automatically, delivering the new content to registered accounts as soon as possible. Fedeen Games CEO, Heaven Wu commented on today's announcement:

"We are honored to have been among the first select group to take advantage of Google Play's new pre-registration feature. Google continues to come up with innovative ways to help developers and publishers build an audience for their apps."

For those who aren't familiar with the upcoming game, Forsaken World Mobile will allow players to interact with a massive open world, building up a character from scratch. You're able t bring along friends along to raid dungeons and take on bosses to steal rewarded loot.

Interested by Forsaken World Mobile? Pre-register on the Google Play Store today to get the game as soon as it's available.