theScore app for Android

TheScore is a sports app for Android and is getting a beefy update today which adds a new section to My Score called Feed. The new section will have a continuous update of new items you care about in one spot: leagues, teams, players, final scores, video clips, and relevant news items. This way you can track multiple games at once, and drink from the firehose of sports news.

As is, My Score tracks user-designated games, teams, and players as more or less static items that get updated values in real time. theScore also has dedicated pages for major sports leagues, a full-bodied news page, and an area to see the biggest games that are coming up.

Folks that are into fantasy tracking or just want to keep tabs on games as they happen will likely find a lot of use in theScore's Feed. This is a nice update for sports fans, and should be hitting the Play Store later today. How many of you guys are using theScore already? Any features you'd like to see in the next update?