If you're into packing all sorts of things into tiny spaces, this little bit of news is right up your alley. SK Telecom showed off a prototype called Android SIM that would combine a processor, memory, internal storage, and our favorite Android OS on a single SIM card. You know, a SIM card, those floppy things you put in your T-Mobile or AT&T phones to get things in working order.

The idea is nothing short of amazing, an Android SIM card would carry everything you need to power a phone. SK Telecom envisions popping out the SIM and swapping phones on the go, all your applications and user data would follow and phones would just pretty much become skeletons. It's obviously far off in the future, but we could see a market for it, especially in dumbphones. The SIM becomes the heart, soul, and brain of the phone.

Feel free to hit up Engadget to see SK Telecom's so-crazy-of-an-idea-that-it-just-might-work in action!