Samsung reports and increase in smartphone sales in Q1 2015 earnings

Overall, Samsung brought in an operating profit of $5.63 billion (KRW 5.98 trillion) on revenues of $44 billion (KRW 47.12 trillion). These numbers largely line up with the company's guidance released earlier this month, marking a drop in operating profits from $7.8 billion (KRW 8.49 trillion) year-over-year.

On the mobile side of things, specifically, Samsung reports an operating profit of $2.5 billion (KRW 2.74 trillion) on consolidated revenues of $24.1 billion (KRW 25.89 trillion). Overall, Samsung notes that smartphone sales have increased largely due to interest in its mid-range Galaxy A series, though revenues dipped slightly quarter-over-quarter due to a decrease in tablet and feature phone sales.

Going forward, Samsung says that it plans to respond "to the growing middle- to low-end market with a streamlined lineup." It will be interesting to see if a streamlined low and mid-range lineup, combined with the company's latest flagships, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, will have a positive impact on the Samsung's financials going forward.

Source: Samsung