Samsung Gear 2 torn open, found to contain small electronic bits

As tends to happen with the latest mobile gadgets, just as Samsung's Gear 2 smartwatch is ready to go on sale it's already been subjected to a hardware teardown by the folks over at iFixit. The site's guide to disassembling Samsung's latest wearable is now live, showing how with a Torx screwdriver and a steady hand, you can get crack open the device and get to its innards.

There aren't too many surprises lurking inside — we've known what's powering the Gear 2 for some time. Nevertheless, it's interesting to see how Samsung has crammed all this hardware into such a small, water-resistant chassis.

Overall, iFixit gives the Samsung Gear 2 a respectable repairability rating of 8 out of 10, citing the replaceable wristband, as well as ease of disassembly and battery replacement. It's held back from that perfect, however, 10 by its fused display, which is glued to the front of the device.

Hit the source link for more shots of the Gear 2 in various states of undress.

Source: iFixit