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This week we have yet another surprise for people looking to get their hands on "the phone of the moment" and what Phil sees as "Easily the Top Pick on any carrier today" - none other than the superb Samsung GALAXY S3 running on the Sprint network.

For a limited time, in conjunction with Best Buy Mobile are bringing you a deal that is much too low to show as it is the very lowest price that you'll find anywhere for this amazing smartphone.

How much of a deal?  You'll need to first read the "hint" at the bottom of this post and follow the Buy Now link to find out but we can tell you that if you're looking to start a new Sprint account with a 2 year contract or upgrade your existing one you'll get the  Samsung GALAXY S3 for significantly less than most options online (once you apply the "hint" found further below.)  

So if you've been lusting to get your hands on the HUGE display and power of the Samsung GALAXY S3 there probably hasn't been a better time to do so than right now via the link below...

  • Buy Now: Samsung GALAXY S3 for Sprint Offer

BONUS: If you fall into the category of liking "Instant Gratification" you might want to try Best Buy Mobile's new "BUY IT TODAY, GET IT TODAY" option.  Basically it's a program that allows you to simply and conveniently save time by buying online and then pick it up at one of your local Best Buy Mobile specialty stores.  At checkout you will get the option to either have the phone shipped to you or have it ready for pick-up at a local store.

HINT: In order to get the best deal on this offer you'll want to use the special promotion code ACSAVE25 at checkout to get a full 25% off the cost of the phone.  Additionally, you will also receive (within 45 days of shipment of your phone) a $30.00 off coupon code to purchase any accessories you like at for your new Samsung GALAXY S3.  Once you add the 25% off + $30 off accessories we think that we're looking at a pretty compelling offer.