So, Jan. 31 is the day. Songza is no more. It is now completely integrated into Google Play Music, and in fact has been for quite some time. (Since October 2014, in fact.) The only difference is starting today you'll actually need to shift over to Google Play Music if you haven't already. (And chances are you have, because Songza has been prompting you for some time.)

So what's the big deal? What's the difference between Songza proper and its migration to Google Play Music?

We'll walk you through it real fast.

First things first: Google Play Music is good. Real good. New music drops every Friday, just like everywhere else, and you generally get the same releases across the board. (Exclusivity sometimes will mess with that, but that's the exception and not the rule.)

Songza ruled when it came to playlists based on moods or activities — "Pole Dancing Rock" was always a hair-metal favorite of mine — and that same sort of functionality is in Google Play Music. In fact, you'll find the same lists — from Barbecuing to Yoga & Meditation — in Google Play Music that were in Songza. The only real difference is that you're using a different app or going to a different website. Things look different, but they sound the same.

Google Play MusicYou've got a couple ways to get your Songza fix in Google Play Music. The easiest is front and center. "It's Friday afternoon. Play something for ... " From there you choose what you want to listen to.

For the more traditional Sonza lists, you'll open the side drawer, choose "Browse Stations," and then drill through the lists for playlists based on genre, activity, mood, decades or kids.

Songza has been asking if you want to export playlists to Google Play Music for quite some time as soon as you log in. A couple clicks and that's all done.

And that's really all there is to it. Songza has been integrated in Google Play Music for quite some time. If you're just joining the rest of us, welcome. It sounds great in here.