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It's been a long old time since the last Pocket Casts update, but the developers, Shifty Jelly, have today published some details on the next version of their incredibly popular podcatching application. They've been working on it now for some six months -- they are just a three man team, after all -- and what they're bringing to the table goes beyond the realms of a minor version bump. It's a complete redesign of the app. We're currently involved in beta testing the new version, and all we can say is, it's pretty awesome. 

The redesign takes in the latest Android design guidelines, and will also include proper tablet support. Shifty Jelly has specifically targeted the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10, so it should look great on large and small tablets. Equally exciting is the cross-device syncing and remote backup promised.

Syncing will cover subscriptions, playlists and even play states on each of your Android devices. So, you're heading home from work listening to the latest Android Central podcast, but you don't finish by the time you get to the front door. Just head inside, pick up your tablet, and carry on where you left off. We're really excited for this feature. 

There's still a lot of stuff in Pocket Casts 4 that hasn't been shared yet, and won't be until it sees release. The good news is that Shifty Jelly intends to ship Pocket Casts 4 as a free update to the existing app sometime in February. We can't wait. 

Source: Shifty Jelly