Philips Android TV

Philips has today been talking up its brand new line of Smart TVs at the IFA Global Press Conference, and they're powered by Android that will be available in the summer. Philips has essentially taken Android and layered its own unique TV optimized interface over the top. But with some important integrations with key Android features. Philips wants to retain the TV as the center of the home entertainment hub.

First of those is Google Play Store access for downloading and running Android apps. The TV comes pre-loaded with a bunch of big screen optimized applications out of the box, with more to be made available soon after launch.

Philips has also integrated Google's voice search capabilities, allowing both local and web search through the TV just by speaking to it. Other highlighted interface options include gesture controls – presumably in the vein of Kinect, though that wasn't elaborated on – and even a smartphone and tablet MyRemote app. For sharing your own content from a phone or tablet, Miracast is built in.

It doesn't stop there, either. The Android powered TVs will have in-built gaming capabilities with games such as Badland and Real Racing 3 being pre-loaded and offered up for the big screen. Interaction seems to be via the TV remote which looks to double up as a game controller. More games tailored for the TV are also promised after launch.

Taking a look at the actual hardware, the TVs are packing a quad-core CPU and there will also be a 4K resolution models, also running Android. Apps like Skype that make use of a camera are taken care of with one built in, but it pops up when you need it and disappears out of view when you don't.

We'll be taking a closer look at one of these new Android powered TVs from Philips soon, so stay tuned for that.