Android Supercomputers in your PocketJust one more thing to add to the list of what makes Android so awesome. Scientists performing complex calculations often need to book time on a supercomputer to solve problems for their research. The problem with this is that time on a supercomputer has to be scheduled in advance, and it can be expensive. Not only that, but they're not portable, so if the researcher is in a remote location, he or she may not be able to quickly enter the data for a calculation.

Enter Android. Some of these newer smartphones can be powerful enough to quickly solve complex problems. Of course it'll be many years before we have the power of a supercomputer in our pockets, but with the help of a supercomputer a model can be generated that allows a handheld computer to come close enough to the answer a supercomputer would give to be useful to the researcher. The details are a little bit over my head, but it just goes to show you that Android as a computing platform is as amazing as it is a smartphone platform. [Wired]