Due to popular demand, Pure Android tees and hoodies are back on sale until Wednesday, November 25, 2015. Don't miss what might be your last chance to get an unlocked classic shirt. Or two!.

It's Nexus day for a good many of us today. Hell, it's Nexus month. And to commemorate the launch of two new Nexus phones, we've whipped up a series of new shirts with the command that probably embodies the Nexus experience better than most.

That is, of course, fastboot oem unlock.

And, really, we don't have to say much more than that. It speaks for itself. We've got a few styles — men's and women's T-shirts, hoodies and a long-sleeve option — in a number of colors. Buy one. Buy 'em all. Mix and match for every day of the week.

But hurry — this line's only going to run through Nov. 2.

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