Big Android Meat and Greet

The folks at IDEAA have spent the last couple of years building an impressive series of events that anyone can feel comfortable attending. Starting with the Big Android BBQ in Texas, these events have focused on offering something for everyone. Part developer conference, part social gathering, and typically a really great time. Last year this team expanded their events to both Coasts in the US as well as an international event, and this year the plan is to take things another step further. We've already seen ticket sales open up for several events, and now it's time to talk with the event creators and their partners to learn more about what to expect this year.

To make sure you have a part in this experience, we're having the conversation live so you can ask whatever questions you may have.

Join us at 7PM Eastern to chat with IDEAA President Aaron Kasten and Matteo Doni of March of the Droids to talk about the events they have planned for this spring. In that conversation, we'll be joined by Ed Mancebo of Cyanogen Inc to talk about all of the things Cyanogen will be doing with these events. Chaitra Ramanathan of Udacity will also be joining to discuss their contribution to these IDEAA events.

Take part in our live Q&A on the event page!