Hype Machine for Android

Hype Machine, an aggregator of all of the latest and greatest music hitting the blogs, has finally released an official Android app. With it you can stream full songs, mark favorites, and customize your feed based on tastes and what your friends are listening to. Notification tray integration provides easy playback control, and if you're really into a song, you can easily tap through the track info to buy it from the Play Store.

If you've never checked it out, Hype Machine is pretty great. Not long ago they had an exclusive full stream of OK Go's latest album prior to release and feature other high quality premieres every week. Hype Machine keeps tabs on 846 different music blogs and only pulls out the choicest tracks among them.

There are no ads or in-app purchases, but the app does cost $3.99, plus it's being labeled currently as a public beta (though everything in it has run stably in my experience). If you're constantly hunting for new sounds, Hype Machine app for Android will definitely help you out.