Amazon Underground

A lot of people buying the new BlackBerry Priv are moving from other BlackBerry devices that aren't running Android. With the app situation the way it is for the BB10 platform, that means a lot of those folks will have quite a number of apps in the Amazon ecosystem. It's easy to get all of those back on your new Priv.

You'll need to be sure you have "unknown sources" enabled to install the Amazon Underground app. See how to do that right here.

Welcome to the Underground. Amazon has done away with its stand-alone App store on Android and replaced it with something more catchy and edgy and undergroundy. Or something. YOLO. Anyhoo, instead of installing just an Amazon App Store, now you get to have movies and assorted stuff in there too. The good news is that the installation is still easy.

Visit this site on your phone.

Amazon Underground

You'll see a button where you can download the Amazon Underground app. Tap it. When the download is finished, you can tap on the notification to install it.

Once installed, open it up, sign in and visit the slide-out menu to the left to find all your apps — and some new ones.

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